LinkJam Product Tour

We have put together several short videos that give you a really good idea how LinkJam works, how to install and configure it. Before you watch the videos you should download the LinkJam product brochure (PDF).

Introducting LinkJam

LinkJam is a social bookmarking tool that allows teams to save, share and organize their bookmarks. It runs on IBM's Lotus Domino server and setup is quick and easy. LinkJam gives people a better way to manage their own bookmarks as well as share, subscribe and search the community's bookmarks. LinkJam makes it easier than ever before to share information and accelerate innovation. With LinkJam, you can discover where people get their information. You go straight to information that a member of your community has already vetted and found appropriate and useful.

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Importing Your Links from Your Browser

Hit the ground running with LinkJam by importing your existing bookmarks from your browser directly into LinkJam. Links can also be imported from, Lotus Dogear and other social bookmarking software.

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Our simple tools make it easy to add links to LinkJam

Adding links is made very easy in LinkJam. LinkJam has two buttons that you can drag and drop to your web browser that allow you to easily create a link for any site you are visiting and allow you to easily access your bookmarks.

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Adding web site links to LinkJam

Learn how to use the two LinkJam browser buttons to add links into LinkJam. Watch the video >

LinkJam Installation, Setup and Configuration

See how you can configure and customize LinkJam using the Control Panel, Language and CSS documents. Installation is quick and easy.

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