IQJam Knowledge Exchange Software

Extend IQJam with our powerful API's

Web Services and JSON

IQJam comes with both a Web Services and a JSON API (Application Programming Interface) that you can use to extend IQJam with other web, line-of-business and mobile applications including IBM Connections, Microsoft Sharepoint and IBM Lotus Notes and Domino.

Meet our 11 methods

  • addQuestion - Submit a question.
  • addAnswer - Add an answer to a question.
  • findQuestionById - Find a question by it's internal ID.
  • searchQuestions - Search for a question based on a text string.
  • getRecentQuestions - Get a list of questions. Optionally specify an IQSpace.
  • getRecentAnswers - Get a list of answers. Optionally specifiy an IQSpace.
  • getRecentQuestionsByTag - Get a list of questions for a tag.
  • getRecentQuestionsByAuthor - Get a list of questions for a person.
  • getUserProfile - Get information about an IQJam participant.
  • getIQSpaces - Get a list of IQSpaces.
  • getExperts - Get a list of the experts for an IQSpace and/or Sub-IQSpace.

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