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IQJam features

Intuitive design

We designed IQJam to make it as easy as possible for people to quickly find the information they are looking for. Here are some of the features that make using IQJam fun and simple:

  • Questions - Easily ask a question using a simple form. Questions can also contain file attachment(s) such as screenshots, PDF's, Office documents, or any other type of file format.
  • Answers - Quickly and easily answer questions. File attachment(s) can also be included with answers.
  • IQSpaces - Questions are grouped together into categories using “IQSpaces”. Each IQSpace can have one or more sub-categories. Sub-categories are called "Sub-IQSpaces".
  • Tags - Each question has one or more “tags” which helps people locate information. Users can elect to "follow" a tag.
  • Duplicate Question Checking - Questions entered will be checked to see if there are already similar questions in IQJam.
  • Profiles - Each person has a profile with information about them and includes links to the questions they have asked and answers they have posted.
  • Leader Board - An easy way to see the ranking of top IQJam members by the number of questions they submitted and the number of questions that they answered.
  • Follow/Unfollow IQSpaces, Questions and Tags - Receive email notifications when new questions and/or answers are added to an IQSpace or Sub-IQSpace.
  • News Feeds - Subscribe to feeds to monitor when new questions are asked and when answers are given.
  • Email-in Questions and Answers - IQJam allows people to answer questions directly from IQJam mail notifications. Questions can also be emailed directly into IQJam.
  • Search - The search facility makes it easy to find information stored in IQJam. People can search across all IQSpaces or narrow it down to specific IQSpaces or tags.
  • Administration - Administer and configure IQJam from a web browser.
  • Customizable - Companies can use the IQJam Control Panel to apply their corporate branding to IQJam.
  • Installation - Typically installation and configuration takes less than 30 minutes.
  • Localization - IQJam has support for customizing any of the text labels displayed and can have different labels for different languages. People can select on their Profile which language they want to display IQJam in. Administrators can also set the default language for all users.
  • and more...

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