IQJam Knowledge Exchange Software

Locating knowledge with exceptional ease

Locating knowledge in IQJam can be accomplished in several ways: starting from the IQJam web site, from a custom built application developed using the powerful IQJam API, or using our cool IQBar sidebar app. IQJam helps finding the right information remarkably easy.

Using the IQJam web site people can locate questions and answers in several ways:

  • by selecting an IQSpace and Sub IQSpace to filter questions and answers.
  • by viewing a list of recent questions to see which ones have been answered and which ones have not.
  • by viewing a list of questions that have been answered with correct answer.
  • by viewing a list of questions that remain unanswered.
  • by viewing a list of questions by the number of votes that they have received.
  • by viewing questions by "tags".
  • by searching for questions and/or answers using the IQJam search feature.
  • and more...

See everything you need from one view

When viewing questions in an IQSpace, people can also see recent answers entered and the tags being used for the IQSpace. A list of "experts" shows the people who have been answering questions with correct answers for each IQSpace and each Sub-IQSpace.

This is very powerful since it clearly let's people know who to turn to next time they need to have a question ansswered which in turn fosters new collaborative relationships.

Who should use IQJam Key features