IdeaJam Idea and Innovation Management Software

Make IdeaJam look the way your business does

Make IdeaJam look like your idea. Through easy customization, IdeaJam can easily blend in with your company's intranet or other websites.

IdeaJam allows you to:

  • Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to change the color, fonts, spacing and other elements. This well help ensure that your IdeaJam meets your corporate branding guidelines.
  • Change any (or all) of the supplied text labels.
  • Create multiple IdeaJam "control panels" that allow you to quickly change the look and feel of your IdeaJams for special events.
  • Use the IdeaJam API (JSON and web services) to extend and integrate IdeaJam with other systems and services.
  • Each of your IdeaJams can have it's own look and feel
  • Many of IdeaJam's features can be turned on/off. This allows you to have only the features you want. Features can be turned on/off for each IdeaJam.
  • Allow an IdeaJam participant to see IdeaJam in their native language. They can select their language in their IdeaJam Profile.

If you have any questions about customizing IdeaJam please let us know.

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