IdeaJam Idea and Innovation Management Software

Idea JamTM

Idea and innovation management software for the enterprise

From the lifeblood of a company, its customers; to its most valuable resources, its employees; we help companies learn what matters most. Our IdeaJam software drives innovation by helping companies understand which ideas are worth pursuing and which ones are not, and most importantly why.

The concept is amazingly simple, yet extraordinarily powerful: with IdeaJam, people post their ideas on a topic, and others can vote on their agreement or disagreement with the idea by "promoting" or "demoting" it. Additionally, comments can be provided to elaborate ones thoughts on the matter at hand.


Good ideas rise to the top, bad ideas fall to the bottom. The comments will tell the story why an idea is good, bad or even ugly.

How can an organization maximize their return on investment of intellectual capital? To quote Albert Einstein, "I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."

IdeaJam is the fuel you need

By empowering your organization with Elguji's award winning IdeaJam idea management software, your team will gain from the wisdom of the masses in ways you never dreamed were previously possible. The power of many is the perpetual power source that every organization needs. IdeaJam is its fuel.

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