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Patricia Dabbert - Austin Independent School District

IdeaJam and Austin Independent School District

"The Austin ISD used IdeaJam to get input from a select group of students on various issues related to the school district's Strategic Plan. The IdeaJam software was extremely user friendly and the students caught on very quickly and enjoyed the ease at which they could generate and vote on ideas. As a customer, the staff provided outstanding customer service. They were always quick to respond to questions and were always available to provide assistance to make the IdeaJam run smoothly. I highly recommend IdeaJam to anyone wanting to use this type of tool to gather input from a group."

Kate Morrison - Vulture Street Innovation

A great way to tap into the collective insight of the crowd

"We run jam events for our customers using IdeaJam, as it provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface and administration and setup is quick and simple. Our customers find this an excellent way to access ideas and opinions from their staff, customers or suppliers and partners. We are also consistently delighted with the level of service and support provided by Bruce, Gayle and Matt at Elguji, who keep things running very smoothly for us (even though, being Down Under, we are on the other side of the world!)"

Antoine Leboyer - GSX Groupware Solutions

Genuine collaboration

"We use Ideajam internally at GSX. Ideajam is a superb platform, easy to deploy, perfectly stable and with genuine collaboration features. Ideajam has helped us capture suggestions, communicate in between all participants to really articulate priorities. GSX is a company with lilited ressources and the ability that Ideajam gives to speak to so many enables us to compete with largest companies."

Denny Russell ( Sherpa Software

Great innovation and product

"We implemented IdeaJam as a way to get feedback from our users to see how we could make our company a better place. Our users have really taken to using our site. They finally feel like they have a voice. It's easy to use and easy to see what's going on. Getting it set up is a snap and because it has a web interface, we were able to easily integrate it into our other systems for ease of access. This product truly shows what can be done on a Domino platform. Support has been top notch and great to work with."

Uwe Grunewald - Carl Zeiss AG

Smart application

"For those who run on a Notes Domino Infrastructure, IdeaJam is the ideal tool for crowdsourcing of new ideas (internally and externally). It is smart made, easy to operate and above all, support from the vendor is excellent."

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