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How IdeaJam works

Let's take a quick look at how IdeaJam works:

IdeaSpaces (Themes)

"IdeaSpaces" or "Themes" are used in IdeaJam to group similar ideas together. For example "Employee Benefits" is an IdeaSpace that will contain all ideas related to employee benefits programs while the "Sales Compensation" IdeaSpace has ideas related to improving a companies sales compensation program. IdeaSpaces are managed by a designated person or group of people.

  • A user clicks on the "Post my Idea" button and enters their idea. They select an "IdeaSpace", a title, the idea itself, enter tags, upload a file attachment(s) and then save.
  • Other users can provide feedback on the new idea by entering a comment and, can also show their support for the idea by either promoting or demoting it. They could also click "No Opinion" which registers that they don't care one way or the other about this idea.
  • Ideas can be filtered in several ways. IdeaJam shows recent ideas, popular ideas that have the most comments, ideas that have been completed, ideas that have been rejected, ideas that are in progress, ideas that have been withdrawn as well as a view that shows all of the comments posted. Each of these views can be displayed for an individual IdeaSpace or for all IdeaSpaces.
  • Statistics are available and show the overall activity in an IdeaJam.
  • A search facility is also part of IdeaJam and can be used to search IdeaJam for words and phrases. Results can then be exported to Microsoft Excel, a CSV or an XML file.
  • Users can also search IdeaJam using it's easy to use tagging system. Simply go to the Tags page and click on a tag to see which ideas are tagged with a given tag.

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