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Provide the capability to use authenticated proxies in the Location Document

: Notes Client / images location notes ntlm proxy
: images, location, notes, ntlm, proxy
Gregg Eldred5345 - 16 2011 / (1)
: Open
Within the Location Document, provide the capability to use authenicated proxies. Specifically, those proxies that use NTLM. WIthout this, organizations that use Lotus Notes/Domino and expect HTML mail, will always see a "red x" when viewing HTML mail that refers to an image somewhere on the internet. There is a TechNote that explains ...

Automatic Upgrade of Mail Files

: Domino Administrator / mail upgrade smartupgrade
: mail, upgrade, smartupgrade
Gregg Eldred5345 - 12 2010 / (2)
: Open
It is a rather "easy" task to upgrade Notes clients to the latest release using SmartUpgrade (among other possible tools). However, upgrading of the users' mail files is another matter. Currently, the Domino Administrator uses the CONVERT task to accomplish this. If there was a Policy or option within SmartUpgrade that ...

Presentation Skills Training

: Lotus Technical Information / training presentation presentations
: training, presentation, presentations
Gregg Eldred5345 - 28 2009 / (3)
: Rejected
February would be a good month for a "Presentation Skills" training class, delivered virtually. This session, or a few sessions, would assist new, experienced, and potential Lotus Community speakers to learn how to deliver effective presentations.
Lotus User Groups, looking for potential speakers, would know that by contacting a ...

Make Available the Business Development Day Session Slides

: Lotusphere / lotussphere business partners bdd
: lotussphere, business partners, bdd
Gregg Eldred5345 - 31 2009 / (4)
: Open
As long as I can recall, registered Business Partners at Lotusphere have never been able to get the slides for the Business Development Day (BDD) sessions. I would like to see the BDD session slides be made available to registered Lotusphere Business Partners (BP).
There is a wealth of ...

Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino

: Domino Server / richtext mail server
: richtext, mail, server
Gregg Eldred5345 - 10 2009 / (18)
: Open
For too long, e-mail messages using rich text formatting have lost their fidelity when sent to either external addresses or to the iNotes client. A messaging server should be able to preserve the sender's formatting, providing the recipient with a message as it was intended with no loss of fidelity. ...

Allow Admin to Enable OOO Agent/Service for users

: Domino Administrator / ooo out-of-office
: ooo, out-of-office
Gregg Eldred5345 - 29 2008 / (6)
: Open
Many times the Domino Administrator is asked to enable the OOO agent for a user. I'd like to see an easy (easier?) method for the Admin to accomplish this task.
This isn't that uncommon. A user leaves the office, and then calls to have his/her OOO enabled. While you ...

Field Validation for Short Names

: Domino Administrator / domino directory field validation short name
: domino, directory, field, validation, short, name
Gregg Eldred5345 - 04 2008 / (2)
: Open
When adding aliases to a Person Document, many is the time when a errant space is added to a line. This causes mail routing issues as well as authentication problems. Also, this field allows all characters to be included in a short name (example: apostrophe). If the character is being ...

IMAP Idle Command

: Domino Server / imap wireless rfc
: imap, wireless, rfc
Gregg Eldred5345 - 17 2008 / (2)
: Open
Implement the IMAP Idle command in Domino's IMAP service. This command will allow true wireless synchronization to handheld devices. It will also make the Domino IMAP service compliant with RFC 2177:
The Internet Message Access Protocol [IMAP4] requires a client to poll the server for changes to the selected ...

Feedback on AdminP

: Domino Administrator / adminp
: adminp
Gregg Eldred5345 - 10 2008 / (1)
: Open
Give Administrators feedback that AdminP has finished processing after using the Tell AdminP commands.
Currently, when an Admin enters any of the "Tell AdminP xxxx" commands on the console, you have to check the Server Tasks to determine if AdminP has finished with the activity. I'd like to see ...

Server Choice Only Shows Servers

: Domino Administrator / domino directory
: domino, directory
Gregg Eldred5345 - 06 2007 / (1)
: Open
When modifying the Person Document and the field is asking for a Server (home mail server, Sametime server, etc.) the drop down box should limit the choices to only servers. Currently, it shows People, Mail-in Databases, Groups, pretty much all entries in the Domino Directory.


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