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notes.ini variabel to exclude internal NotesNames from Recent Contacts

: Notes Client / recent contacts mail
: recent contacts, mail
Jan Schulz4393 - 23 2010 / (6)
: Open
I would like a notes.ini parameter (so pushable by desktop policy) to not include internal adresses in recent contacts.
Currently recent contacts also collects internal NotesNames and this entries are outside of the AdminP renaming process. So you get strange errors/messages when a name is renamed and now twice ...

DB defined keyboard shortcuts

: Domino Designer / keyboard shortcuts db
: keyboard shortcuts, db
Jan Schulz4393 - 03 2009 / (5)
: Open
Make it possible to add keyboard shortcuts to the view, db and document context.
  • shortcut in document, which advances the document in the approval workflow
  • view/DB: shortcut, which will launch an agent, which does something with the current document
[Examples added]

Tell us whether LS and "old style" UI improvements will still be made

: Domino Designer / ls xpages ibm strategy
: ls, xpages, ibm strategy
Jan Schulz4393 - 05 2009 / (0)
: Open
Even after seeing how many votes the "don't retire LS" option got, I'm still not sure whether IBM will add new features to LS or just concentrate on xPages and SSJS and expand that to be the new default language and UI in Notes. It would be great if ...

Add LS function to dump variable content for error logging

: Domino Designer / debug lotusscript
: debug, lotusscript
Jan Schulz4393 - 01 2009 / (1)
: Open
A function, which prints out (recursively) names and content  of the current available variables would be a great addition to the stacktraces, you can get via OpenLog.
For notes internal classes, it should print relevant information (like the UNID for NotesDocuments)

Make it possible to use one language in every design element

: Domino Designer / language design elements ssjs ls
: language, design elements, ssjs, ls
Jan Schulz4393 - 20 2009 / (4)
: Open
Script libraries, computed text, selection context, xPages, events, session scope, etc. One language to rule them all.

And please let it be a proper object orientated language.

Publish API to work with calendar items, tasks and contacts

: Domino Designer / task calendar contacts api
: task, calendar, contacts, api
Jan Schulz4393 - 13 2009 / (0)
: Open
To programmaticaly add a todo item, a calendar item or contact is a big challange, even if you know the scriptlibs in the mailfile. Please add a api (either as a build in or as a template to inherit in my app) to work with calendar items, task and contacts, ...

Develop and open source a high quality framework for new DBs

: Domino Designer / framework template open source
: framework, template, open source
Jan Schulz4393 - 05 2009 / (3)
: Open
The template should have some modern UI for all kinds of elements and implement some generic, high quality solutions for field level trails, pushing changed values to other docs (even in other DBs), logging, validation, localization, help... and it should have proper object orientated, modularized and reusable code, which you ...

Make XPages generate better html code

Jan Schulz4393 - 23 2009 / (8)
: Open
XPages code is a mess, it does not handle situation, where browserfeatures are missing and it is not accessible by default. This might be acceptable for internal websites, where you can control the browser and users, but it is not for customer facing websites. This should be fixed.
One ...

Make all notes URLs actions useable in the client

: Notes Client / url notes://
: url, notes://
Jan Schulz4393 - 23 2009 / (0)
: Open
Notes URLs can be used in the client: Notes:///0000000000000000/0/<UNID> will open the Document with the UNID in the current database. Unfortunately only some ?Actions will work and especially not the ?EditDocument action (contrary to what it says in the first half of one of the help documents, before going ...

workflow: make todos dropable into daily schedule

: Notes Client / todo calendar
: todo, calendar
Jan Schulz4393 - 30 2009 / (1)
: Open
I use todos a lot and want to plan my next day(s). I want to drag and drop my todos into my next workday (or days) and thus plan my day.
This needs a view, where I can see the next day(s) and my todos and the possibility to ...

Add a @formula to evaluate group membership

: Domino Designer / @formula groups membership
: @formula, groups, membership
Jan Schulz4393 - 17 2009 / (9)
: Withdrawn
Notes author and reader fields are nice to controll access, but sometimes you need something else or better more finegrained and then it would be nice to hide/show something depending if someone is in an group or not.

Add errorcodes to the function documentation in help

: Domino Designer / errorcode designer adminstration help documentation
: errorcode, designer, adminstration help documentation
Jan Schulz4393 - 03 2009 / (0)
: Open
What error will be thrown if db.CreateDocument() fails or can it fail? Your designer documentation for this methods does not tell you (at least in 8.0.x). Please add more information about errorcodes to the method documentation.

ToDo status indicator in the day at a glance summary sidebar

: Notes Client / sidebar day at a glance todo
: sidebar, day, at, a, glance, todo
Jan Schulz4393 - 07 2008 / (1)
: Open
Please add a visual idicator of teh status of the ToDo entry in the "day at a glance" Summary sidebar. Currently I can't see if a ToDo entry is already completed or not and it is irritating. I also wouldn't mind if completed ToDos will not be shown in the ...

Make tab jump to the next unread mail

: Notes Client / tab unread mail
: tab, unread, mail
Jan Schulz4393 - 06 2008 / (0)
: Open
Tab used to go to the next unread document. This is still the case in all my other DBs, but not the mail DB. F4 still works, but tab is much more convenient. Please make it work again in the mail DB. Thanks!

Make it possible to run two different standard Clients with differnet IDs at the same time

: Notes Client / ids client
: ids, client
Jan Schulz4393 - 06 2008 / (5)
: Open
If you use different IDs for your admin und "normal" work, it would be great if you could start two clients, one with the admin, one with the normal ID.

This was (and is) possible with the basic client via starting "nlnotes.exe =Path/To/notes.ini". I want that also ...

Update unreadmarks automaticaly

: Notes Client / unreadmarks replication
: unreadmarks, replication
Jan Schulz4393 - 18 2008 / (1)
: Open
Please update the unread marks on the chicklets when new/modified documents are added to the local database and poll unread counts for server ones (only displayed chicklets -> stacked DBs).

It's a pain to wait for F9 to complete and especially for local DBs notes already ...

DWA light Support for Opera

: Notes Client / opera dwa light
: opera, dwa, light
Jan Schulz4393 - 18 2008 / (5)
: Open
Currently opera reports Javascript errors when you open DWA light and does not display any messages. Also DWA uses internal -moz* CSS properties.
Please at least test DWA light in Opera and make it useable.

Add Policy for Feeds

: Domino Administrator / policy feeds
: policy, feeds
Jan Schulz4393 - 17 2008 / (2)
: Open
We would like to use the feedreader to inform our users about news in our org (instead of mail to everybody). For that we need a Policy, where we can specify Feeds incuding Username/Password or better "Use Sametime Password" or even more better: "use Notes ID = Notes Replication".

Implement sender rewrite

: Domino Server / mail senderpolicyframework
: mail, senderpolicyframework
Jan Schulz4393 - 12 2008 / (0)
: Open
If you have a group, which is accessible from outside and has members on other internet domains, mails can get marked as spam and either rejected or filtered into the spam-folder. This happens for example when you send a mail from GMX.de to such a group and one member at ...

Shortcut for "Mark all read"

: Notes Client / unreadmarks
: unreadmarks
Jan Schulz4393 - 12 2008 / (1)
: Open
Please add a shortcut for "mark all read", strg+a -> ins or the toolbar buttons are just  not the same and I rely quite havily on unread marks in some applications.

circular use of script libs

: Domino Designer / oop script_library
: oop, script_library
Jan Schulz4393 - 23 2008 / (4)
: Open
Why does code like this (Visitor Pattern):
class User
    sub invite(b as Visitor)
    end sub
    sub doSomething()
    end sub
end class
class Visitor
    sub visitUser(a as User)
    end sub
end class
work in one class ...

Support Deny Access for IMAP

: Domino Server / imap denyaccess security
: imap, denyaccess, security
Jan Schulz4393 - 13 2008 / (2)
: Complete
<div>When you put someone into a DenyAcess Group (or directly into a &quot;Not Access Server&quot;), this will prevent Notes and web access, but not IMAP and probably POP3.</div>
<div>We have several Webuser only and they can't be locked from the system without deleting their web-password :-(</div>

customise Mail Quota Warning

: Domino Server / mail quota customization
: mail, quota, customization
Jan Schulz4393 - 23 2008 / (3)
: Open
we have enforced strict mail quota rules for everybody (with the possibility to archive old mails and a 'archive attachments). Unfortunatelly some users don't get the mail quota warning message, so every few days we have to use our cluebat and tell them what to do after such messages and ...

Add console commands to create/delete/move DB

: Domino Administrator / admin console
: admin, console
Jan Schulz4393 - 09 2007 / (1)
: Open
I would like to have a command to create new, delete old Databases on the server (even in batch mode) and move DBs around.

I like the CL Commands (mainly because I don't have to go via the client -> fast over slow inet connections), but sometimes ...

Implement Sender Policy Framework / Sender Rewriting Scheme

: Domino Server / email router spam
: email, router, spam
Jan Schulz4393 - 08 2007 / (13)
: Open
Implement SPF or better Sender Rewriting Scheme for forwarded Mail.

In certain circumstances, enabled SPF will reject forwared Mails from your domain: If you have webuser which get their Mail forwarded to a external adress, a certain percentage of Mailserver will not accept this mails anymore, as ...


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New ODS: multiple files instead of a single file
Right-click - Paste Special
Javascript editor that flags common errors between serverside & clientside
Please update Domino to fully support TLS (SSL v3.1)
App for learning Lotus Script, Lotus Notes Interface
Add 'Group by Date' view option to iNotes as it is in Notes client
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