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On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (19 Jan 2010)

As with most people here I can see that local client deletes being but in the OS trash / recycle bin could be a good thing. But I'm voting no for this idea as worded and argued for by Mark, i.e. using the OS trash / recycle on the server.

The basic idea is a good one. Being able to recover a deleted database with minimal fuss is fine, but shouldn't use the OS trash and needs to be configurable by the Domino admin. However much it might be a boring corporate issue for some, it could be show stopping for others. If the Domino admin need to be able to scrub a database securely off the server then they should be able to do so, without involving the OS admin.

Allow .png and .svg image resources (08 Apr 2009)

So what on earth has resurrected this discussion? Has there been some link to it, or it just one of those random things?

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (08 Apr 2009)

@14, A simple down vote is not junk. It doesn't give you any idea why I don't like the idea, but it tells you I don't. Sometimes the reason has already been expressed, so why should I have to write @9 AOL. This is equivalent to having a town hall meeting, where people get up and present an idea and ask for a show of hands, but if you want to vote nay, you have to stand up and say why.

The barrier to entry is significant here. For some people it takes considerable effort to organize a coherent argument as to why they thing an idea is bad. That's over and above the time it will take them to actually write it down. All you will do is encourage people to write true junk comments. Do you really want to sift through pages of comments that simple say "Demote", "Crap", "@2 AOL" or worse "qwerqwerqwer"? How do you combat that? Force a minimum char count for comments? Delete those comments and votes?

@Bruce. I think one of the things that IdeaJam has got right is making the core product simple. The right way to do things. You have to be careful that adding too many sub-optional ways of doing things could hurt your image. "We had IdeaJam at my old company it was a a complete pain in the arse." Actually it was the way it was configured, but Joe User doesn't know that or care. We in the Notes world should recognize that problem. I know that you have previously refused to implement a feature for a major potential client because you didn't believe the model was right. Your model is right. Don't mess with it. It's a core strength of IdeaJam. It's why people will continue to buy it.

@18, LOL, exactly!!

Usability tests (08 Apr 2009)

Are you taking about the usability of Domino Designer?

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (26 Mar 2009)

While it should be encouraged to comment on demotes, forcing it is bad. You will simply get junk comments and discourage people from voting. Both horrible for the system.

FREE Domino! (10 Feb 2009)

What would be very good is to see a Domino Express CE along the same lines as DB2 Express CE. Free for a limited deployment. It gets people on board and makes it much easier for people to try in a serious way without being limited to a fairly short time trial. If they never make it fly then no harm done.

SSO between Lotus Notes Client and Domino HTTP Access (09 Jan 2009)

This should be pretty straight forward too. You are authenticated with the server via the notes client, so there should be a way to get a valid LTPA token if that is set up. So any request to the internal domain should just have a valid LTPA token atttached to it.

New format-string for @Text to get Hex, Oct and Bin versions of numbers (24 Nov 2008)

@Starrow, That's fine for writing number literals into code, but doesn't help you get a hex, oct or bin representation of a number you have in variable.

Create a Notes-Mail-Client only (22 Oct 2008)

I'd love to see a simple mail client that could be bundled as part of symphony. As part of the Symphony suite, Symphony Mail would be a simple pop / imap / smtp client that is a bottom rung simple mail client with the Lotus name that rounds out the suite.

Increase the amount of data formula can output (22 Oct 2008)

The value of this is limited if you don't have anywhere to put the data. At the moment I'm pretty sure the formula can handle more than 64k of data, you just can't save it.

What we really need is fields with a larger limit. If we had that I suspect that formula would support it.

Reply To All should not include me in the list of intended recipients (08 Aug 2008)

I can only check on a slightly modified template at the moment, but I thought that reply to all automatically removed the sender from the list. It certainly does on the version I'm using. Can someone else confirm?

Add isSummary checkbox to Field Properties Dialog (23 Jul 2008)

Oh, this needs pimped on a blog somewhere. Should be a nice simple feature to implement.

Make @DocChildren / @DocSiblings / @DocDescendants work in any other formula (23 Jul 2008)

And what would these return? Lists of DocIds?

Allow to switch user ID when client is locked (22 Jul 2008)

What happens if the client is locked with documents open? Do you just close them? What if documents where partially edited, or partway through a sequence of steps. Now users shouldn't do that, but you know it will happen and they will scream.

Reduce image size option (30 May 2008)

I'd extend this to provide a way for images pasted into richtext to be manipulated in basic ways, like resize(actual resizing), compression (method and quality). Profiles could be used to enforce maximums for mail.

Recycle bin for designer? (30 May 2008)

@1, Agreed. Also with any luck designer 8.5 will use eclipse's local history, which has dug me out of a few holes in the past.

Saving E-mails outside of Lotus Notes (19 May 2008)

This would be a useful feature, but not for the reason given. My main reason for wanting this would be to mitigate criticism of Notes being proprietary and closed. If there is a simple way for end users to extract mail into an open mailbox format then the scope for complaint is limited.

Open source for a change (07 Apr 2008)

I've no idea what you talking about here. Maybe you should distil your thoughts a little more and post a more concrete idea. At the moment I guess lots of people are reading this and just going [shrug] Whaa?

Disable option for the No documents found return for empty embedded views (07 Apr 2008)

I never understood why anyone thought outputting the default "no docs found" line would be useful if "Treat view contents as HTML" was selected. It's just a colossal pain.

Notes client HELP dynamically linked to Lotus community of contributors (14 Mar 2008)

Searchdomino? Bwah ha ha ha... ;) That's a good one.

Remove the spalsh screen (03 Mar 2008)

@3, clicking on the splash dismisses it in ND6.x too. In fact I think it does in R5. It would be less intrusive if it was not Always On Top; most users don't think/know to click on it to get rid of it, but try clicking on another window they are working with to carry on with another task.

In general splash screens are a good idea. Unless you can start in under a couple of seconds it's the best way for a user to know that the app is starting. To many users would miss a more subtle notification like in the toolbar.

add Groovy support natively to Notes Java Programming (18 Feb 2008)

I think there are lots of places where groovy would be an excellent choice for scripting work in Domino. The only downside is that its another thing that Domino devs would have to learn, but since it can be integrated regardless of IBM's explicit approval, I think we will see it anyway.


Locate field in Designer (18 Feb 2008)

@3 - ??? So Lotus have the suggestion in development, How on earth do you think you are going to get it faster than the next major feature release? This kind of request isn't going to make a random point release.

Propose Firefox as an alternative embedded browser on Windows (14 Feb 2008)

I think that eclipse is going to offer this in the future. I'd assume that Notes 8 is just piggy backing that functionality.

Agent target (08 Feb 2008)

I don't think you should change the behaviour in place. Add a checkbox for "exclude existing documents" or something like that.

Programming API for the Mail Database, Personal Address Book and Domino Directory (08 Feb 2008)

There is a NotesDirectory class in ND8, though it's only LotusScript, not Java. I think that the Directory is a very good case of a place where an abstraction is very useful and they could expand on the current class, especially with the option to use an LDAP directory rather than native domino. Lets get a Java version in there for ND 8.5.

As for a specific API (class, whatever) for mail, calendaring, todo's etc, I'm a little less sure of. It really depends on what you want to do. If you just need to send a mail then you can do that very simply with the existing API. You don't need to know lots about the specifics of the memo form.

Intelligent Size Column (08 Feb 2008)

Hi Henry,

Do you want to mark this as withdrawn since it's already in ND8?

Single category view without having to embed it (08 Feb 2008)

@5, OK, so that's what @SetViewInfo is supposed to do.

Select Document - Select Multiple (08 Feb 2008)

Demoted because the idea is already implemented.

New view export/import formats (*.XLS) (07 Feb 2008)

@7, I think 1 & 3 in your list are mutually exclusive in the general case.

Open Process to enhance Domino HTTP Engine in Release 9 (07 Feb 2008)

@3, Re HTML 5 well fromedness. Kind of depends what you mean. There are two varients of HTML 5, one that is also XML and one that isn't. Normally the XML variant is called XHTML 5.

Out of Office enabled in Calendar forms (07 Feb 2008)

I'm really curious as to why there is such a downer on this idea. It seems like a really nice feature to me. If a calendar entry is tagged as OO aware, the OO is turned on and off automatically based on those entries. Do people not put holidays in their calendar? This seems like the perfect way to drive OO.

In ND 8 can you set a schedule for OO, so that it will be on between 2 dates, then turn off then turn back on between another 2 dates? Or are you still stuck with have one OO config and it being on or off?

Single category view without having to embed it (07 Feb 2008)

If you had a place to specify a single category on a view, how would it work? Since it's not on a form you don't have a context for executing a formula. Therefore you are restricted to using formulae that don't need a doc context. If that's the case then in almost all cases I can think of, I'd just make the selection formula restrict to the document I want.

Am I missing something? Do you have a detailed example of where this would be useful? Restricting based on current date is about all I can think of and there are better propositions for dealing with that little can of worms.

error messages from the http engine should have some configuration facility (07 Feb 2008)

@1, Unless I'm missing something, that's exactly what you should do.

Enable 'CAPTCHA' for a web form with the click of a button (07 Feb 2008)

I was thinking more along the lines of a service that would:
- Generate CATCHPA tests (image, audio, question) & answers
- Generate unique IDs for tests
- Match IDs to answers, i.e. respond true when answer for an ID is correct.
- Disallow repeat attempts for a given ID

We then need a way to actually use the service. Preferably something simple if you want live with domino's native output (shudder!), with a more fundamental way if you want to get fine grained control.

Enable 'CAPTCHA' for a web form with the click of a button (05 Feb 2008)

I like the basic idea of having a catchpa generation and verification service, but I'm not a big fan of letting domino do too much without having a way to customize it to look the way I want. So how would this work?

Report message as SPAM (01 Feb 2008)

I seem to recall talk of Lotus working on this, but that it was widely thought a bad idea. Can't find anything about it though. Anybody else remember this?

Intelligent Size Column (30 Jan 2008)

There is a new column formatting option in ND8 for numbers: Bytes.

From ND8 designer help:

Bytes (K/M/G) formatting displays values as kilobytes (1024 bytes), megabytes (1024 kilobytes), gigabytes (1024 megabytes), or terabytes (1024 gigabytes), with the letter K, M, G, or T following the number. Kilobytes are displayed as whole numbers, and megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes are displayed with one decimal place. Values are rounded up or down, but are never less than 1K.
Number Display
0.00 0K
1000.00 1K
1535.00 1K
1536.00 2K
2559.00 2K
2560.00 3K
1234567.00 1.2M
1555555.00 1.5M
122222222.00 116.6M
1555555555.00 1.4G
3666666666666.00 3.3T

is it not used in the ND8 mail template? Odd.

Allow .png and .svg image resources (30 Jan 2008)

@15, Any real world use of .tiff for a fax / scan type application is already supported. The notes client will already render it inline in a richtext field. What more do you want?

IBM should sponsor a 3 article series of Best Lotus Blogger Award winner (30 Jan 2008)

Didn't Jake turn down the offer of writing an article for developerWorks? Something about the bureaucracy involved?

Change Java item method parameters to use List instead of Vector (30 Jan 2008)

@10, then to clarify I'm demoting this idea because having an asymetric api is just plain horrible beyond measure.

Change Java item methods to use List instead of Vector (28 Jan 2008)

Just to follow this up; I realise that the cited example of setting values could be changed without causing a problem, but I taking the position that an asymmetrical api would be far, far worse than leaving things as they are.

Change Java item methods to use List instead of Vector (28 Jan 2008)

@5, no you were right in the first place. There is a huge amount of code out there that looks like this.

Vector items=doc.getItems();

if doc.getItems() starts returning List instead of Vector you will get a "Type Mismatch: cannot convert from List to Vector" compile error.

Yes it would be better if all the client code used List, and I do so as a matter of good practice, but changing the interface will break some existing code.

As I've previously made clear I'm a huge fan of a ground up rewrite of the whole java API, but it would have to be a new api that was orthogonal to the existing one.


If there is an idea buried in here somewhere I certainly can't find it.

Support Ubuntu Linux distro (21 Jan 2008)

Someone mark this as complete. Whoot!

Editing Attachment on the web (03 Jan 2008)

You would need browser support for this, either natively or through a plugin (java, activex etc.). The browser support would then dictate, to a certain extent, how domino interacted with it.

Still, it would be nice if there was a way to do it.

Persistent Login for HTTP (03 Jan 2008)

Pah, IdeaJam just ate my comment. It was good one where I agreed with Nathan. (I know!) Quick recap.

LTPA might work. Things to check:
1. Can LTPA tokens persist across browser shutdown or are they session only.
2. Can LTPA tokens be set to expire in the order of days / weeks rather than hours.

I also made some really hilarious and insightful points. Honest ;)

Ability to tell AdminP to not remove a name from a document for deletion requests (20 Dec 2007)

Interesting. I didn't know that. Sounds like something us developers should be more aware of.

Include Form as a launch option in the database properties (20 Dec 2007)

I still use the old, old, old school method of creating a blank navigator and using a $$NavigatorTemplate form.

Making @DocNumber available for calculations in view (20 Dec 2007)

There was a discussion about this on one of the blogs not so long ago, but I can't find it now. Basically for this to work any column formula that uses the value would have to be calculated at view time, which could be heavy. I'd be in favour of allowing it, but it could lead to novice developers killing the performance of their views.

Validity Schema for Notes Documents (20 Dec 2007)

@5 Richard, Clearly there is a need to decide what to do if there is a schema violation. I'm not fussed how that would be done but my initial thought would be that that would be specified in the schema. Code hooks are always a good thing though ;)

@6 Dan, Will I think it should be possible to allow for a completely locked down schema as you describe, I think the schema should also be capable of allowing arbitrary extensions.

Remove My Ideas Votes from Profile Votes page (20 Dec 2007)

I think it should automatically have you promote.

Validity Schema for Notes Documents (18 Dec 2007)

Axel, I don't mean that XMLSchema would be the way to implement this, just that as with XMLSchema we need to be able to say, "I want a text field call 'foo' and a number field called 'bar', and the rest of the document can have anything you like. " This gives us restrictions where we want it and is unrestricted where we don't care. Obviously this could be quite complex and even more so once you start wanting to do complex validation. I think I'd be inclined toward having something new specifically for the purpose rather than trying to shoehorn an existing technology into place where it doesn't belong. I'm not aware of anything that would do the job without it being a mess.

We need a Plaxo connector (17 Dec 2007)

@2, John, why does it matter who as to do what? Is it a good idea for the Notes address book to sync with Plaxo? Sounds like a good idea to me.

Create a mock framework for Domino Java API (17 Dec 2007)

Hurm... How to you demote stupid comments?

Validity Schema for Notes Documents (17 Dec 2007)

Yes, I've been thinking about this myself. There needs to be a way to allow for out of scheme extensibility, as is the case with XMLSchema, but nothing you have said precludes that.

Facility to bind java objects to a Notes Database (17 Dec 2007)

I've suggested to Bob Balaban that they look into having a classloader for script libraries that works at the database level. This should mean that any classes loaded from a script library would be loaded once for that database, which would be a huge improvement straight away. That would also give you a means of keeping heavy objects across multiple agent invocations, but I'd have t go back to classloader school to get all the details right.

But yeah, the current state of affairs is pretty poor.

URL Command to get the XML representation of a notes document (17 Dec 2007)

I think you would want an option to turn it off / on at the db level. Other than that, if you are going to have it then all fields would be exposed, subject to normal notes Client rules. If they user could see the value by looking at the document properties box then it should come through with ?readdocument.

Specific a form seems to miss the point a little.

Special Builder for Notes Java compilation, once Designer on Eclipse (17 Dec 2007)

OK, I was half way through writing a disagreement before I realised what it was you were actually talking about.

Correct me if I'm wrong but what you want is essentially extra warnings during the build (normally automatically gong on the background every time you change something) so that common errors are flagged up.

I'll go with something like that.

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (12 Dec 2007)

@5, It is an announcement though isn't it. An idea would be, "Lets play Comfortably Numb at JamFest" and then if it's promoted it happens and if it's demoted it doesn't.

What you are saying is that this is happening, doesn't matter whether it gets promoted or not. That's an announcement.

Capability to pull fields from different documents in view columns (12 Dec 2007)

@7, once the reduce part is available there will be more scope for pulling multiple docs into a single result, but it's a tricky problem. I believe Damien has a plan, but we've not seen it in practice yet. I just wanted to point out that it's not solved as of right now.

Grid Enable Domino Server (12 Dec 2007)

Hurm? "Grid Enable" is a pretty broad brush, what exactly do you want to see? I can see lots of places where it would be very cool to have grid like features, but it could entail massive changes to the platform.

Sent view to show read/replied (11 Dec 2007)

I quite like the idea that return reciepts could be displayed as part of the send message, as suggested by @1.

As to how you get that information, is it just sitting on the server? My understanding was that message tracking involved having to send a probe down to get reports back, even when message tracking was on.

In any case I'm going to promote the idea of the display candy. How that info gets there is another issue.

Global DataBase Variable - set at any place (any doc, agent), access at any place (11 Dec 2007)

Global Variable's are bad, m'kay.

Capability to pull fields from different documents in view columns (11 Dec 2007)

@2, I don't think CouchDB has any way to do this currently. A views mapping function is run once on every document and for each document can emit 0, 1 or many rows. There is no way to include data from many documents in one row.

The mapping function just acts like a combination of a notes view selection formula and column formulas.

Capability to pull fields from different documents in view columns (11 Dec 2007)

@1, If the limitation includes "without much performance impact" then I think you are right. It would be possible to allow columns to have @dblookups in them, but you would have to sort out order of execution issues, watch out for circular references, problems with refreshing and of course performance could kill you.

It would be a tough to get right and I think IBM have pretty much made clear that the answer to this class of problem is DB2NSF. Shame if you are on i-Series ;) (or whatever it's called today.)

Visual Indicator of Hide When's that are active (11 Dec 2007)

demoting due to dupe.

Combine R4, R5, R6, R7 and R8 forums (11 Dec 2007)

I think on balance your solution would be worse than the problem. A single database would be too full of cruft.

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (11 Dec 2007)

But it's not an idea is it? It's an announcement. Surely there are better venues for this kind of thing. Demote demote demote!!

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (10 Dec 2007)

What exactly is the idea here?

MaxResult parameter in @DbColumn (10 Dec 2007)

Was this one of the "lost" ideas? I seem to recall commenting on a similar idea but can't find it anywhere.

Anywho, it's a great idea, promoted.

Button to clear all bookmarks (10 Dec 2007)

Just being able to select more than one bookmark at a time in the designer and then delete all those selected would be good. Preferably with a shift and ctrl click metaphor.

Allow .png and .svg image resources (09 Dec 2007)

@christian, yeah, I've seen that technote before. They give absolutely no reason for taking that position. PNG is too important a file format to just ignore. Hopefully they will change their minds.

Sametime for PalmOS (07 Dec 2007)

I'll admit that I stop watching Palm about a year ago. I've had 3 palm OS was very happy with them, but they dropped the ball after the T3 came out. Last time I looked they where investing money in the white elephant Foleo. It would be great if they got their act together, but they are going to have to work hard for it.

Sametime for PalmOS (06 Dec 2007)

are palm still relevant? I thought they were dead, just hadn't stopped twitching yet. I lost my old T3 a couple of months ago and I don't think Palm have a compelling replacement out there. Out of the 4 Treos on sale in the UK, 3 are WinMob and the other is still on the palm os that should have been replaced 3.5 years ago.

I think Palm is going to have to come up with something compelling to show that they are worth investing any resources in.

Does anybody use the Random Idea feature? (06 Dec 2007)

I don't use it often in it's current guise. I think it would be better if the home page was a bit of an amalgam, which had a few "top 10" listings and random idea, rather simply one of the view we have now.

ViewTemplate for multiple views (06 Dec 2007)

@2. Oh I agree that it could be a lot nicer, that's why I've voted the idea up, but reading the idea suggested that Patrick did not know about using multiple aliases in this way. It will still make his life easier in the short term.

@IsRichTextEmpty and LotusScript equivalent (06 Dec 2007)

I'll assume "and LotusScript equivalent" includes a general extension to the API that would also be available in Java.

ViewTemplate for multiple views (05 Dec 2007)

You can add another alias for views you want to use the same $$ViewTemplate.

E.g. name the view "A View Called Foo" then have alias "viewtype1|foo". then have another view "A View Called Bar" with the alias "viewtype1|bar". If you then create a from called "$$ViewTemplate for viewType1" then it will get used when you open either of the views.

The Missing link: GetNextItem (05 Dec 2007)

@4, getItems() returns all items, including multiple with the same name if they existed. No need to delete anything.

Allow .png and .svg image resources (05 Dec 2007)

But would you add them as image resources into the design of your database? What would you use them for? There are much better formats for that purpose.

Remember you can already add tiff images to rich text item if you want, which sounds more like what you would want to do with output from a fax or scanner.

internationalization tables as new design element (03 Dec 2007)

Yeah, this is more the thing I was talking about in Ulrich's idea: { Link }

Designer Help - distinguish between LotusScript AND Java help documents (03 Dec 2007)

erm "AND Lotuscript" ?

Allow .png and .svg image resources (30 Nov 2007)

@5, why on earth would you need .tiff? Does anyone store new images in .tiff format anymore?

At a Glance Vote Ratio (30 Nov 2007)

Yeah, I wondered if that might be the case ;)

Effectively that means the coloured section in your example would be exactly the same as my whole bar. Yours just moves up and down on a grey background.

Multi Language Support (29 Nov 2007)

I'd be thinking along the ideas of a language bundle. Enter the alias for the label and the language bundle maps the alias to the required value. It could be made a core feature that could work in options lists etc. Possibly even working in views.

At a Glance Vote Ratio (29 Nov 2007)

@Rich. Maybe I'm miss-reading you. This is how I've interpreted what you've suggested: Assuming no abstentions / abstentions not included.

We have 20 segments in a vertical line. From top to bottom...

100% promote / 0% demote = 10 green, 10 grey
90% promote / 10% demote = 1 grey, 10 green, 9 grey
80% promote / 20% demote = 2 grey, 10 green, 8 grey
70% promote / 30% demote = 3 grey, 10 green, 7 grey
60% promote / 40% demote = 4 grey, 10 green, 6 grey
50% promote / 50% demote = 5 grey, 10 green, 5 grey
40% promote / 60% demote = 6 grey, 10 green, 4 grey
30% promote / 70% demote = 7 grey, 10 green, 3 grey
20% promote / 80% demote = 8 grey, 10 green, 2 grey
10% promote / 90% demote = 9 grey, 10 green, 1 grey
0% promote / 100% demote = 10 grey, 10 green

You aways get a green bar of size 10, because the vote always adds up to 100%.

I'd go more for something like:

We have 10 segments in a vertical line. From top to bottom...

100% promote / 0% demote = 10 green
90% promote / 10% demote = 9 green, 1 red
80% promote / 20% demote = 8 green, 2 red
70% promote / 30% demote = 7 green, 3 red
60% promote / 40% demote = 6 green, 4 red
50% promote / 50% demote = 5 green, 5 red
40% promote / 60% demote = 4 green, 6 red
30% promote / 70% demote = 3 green, 7 red
20% promote / 80% demote = 2 green, 8 red
10% promote / 90% demote = 1 green, 9 red
0% promote / 100% demote = 10 red

Plain text human-readable representation of all design elements - not DXL, think Java/Swing (29 Nov 2007)

Lots of this idea are good. But 100% fidelity in DXL would be the answer. So it's a demote.

At a Glance Vote Ratio (29 Nov 2007)

I'm not to fussed on the detail of the layout, background or separate, so I'd be happy to see suggestions that people think are more appealing.

@Rich, I'm not sure what your suggestion of splitting the promote and demote sections of the bar achieves. Is it so you can see abstentions? Personally I'd prefer to filter out abstentions from this display, but I'd also prefer something to nothing. The biggest thing is that at the moment I have to look open the idea to have any idea if it's a controversial issue or not.

Could we have a standalone freeware NSF viewer? (28 Nov 2007)

If you happen to find yourself with an .nsf and no Notes / Domino it would be useful if there was a free utility to extract the data. It might just be a DXL dump, but it would ward off some of the complaints of Notes being closed.

There isn't a published spec for the file format is there?

Designer for Linux (28 Nov 2007)

Doh! I meant @4, John.

By the way, if you want an actual answer, I'd definitely give up a programmability overhaul in symphony for a designer client in Linux. Sorry. For that matter I'd give up .png and .svg support too. ;)

Designer for Linux (28 Nov 2007)

All the clients (Notes, Designer, Admin) should be available on the same platforms.

@6. I don't think this is a zero sum game. Certainly not in long run. By actively supporting other platforms, IBM give businesses the choice to move off Windows. By investing in the none MS desktop market they can grow it and get a bigger slice of the pie.

Default Servlet for DBLookup and DBColumn for AJAX use (28 Nov 2007)

I think if Domino was going to have some special built in ajax lookup features we would not need to know (or care particularly) how it was achieved. There is no need for the idea to mandate any particular implementation.

As it stands the idea "Default Servlet for DBLookup and DBColumn for AJAX use" is too specific and is bound up with how domino plans to handle java on the server.

I'd happy promote some ideas on built in ajax features, but I'm going to demote this one.

Multi Language Support (28 Nov 2007)

Certainly i18n / l10n should be easier. Is computed text for labels the way you want to go about it though?

Lower the price (28 Nov 2007)

As Keith (@5) demonstrates the ticket price is only small fraction of the cost if you include lost revenue. So if it was free for me to walk in the door a la Lotusphere Europe, sorry I mean ILUG ;) then I would still only save something like 20%.

Mind you I could get a few toys with the money saved :D

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (28 Nov 2007)

I'm in the keep it simple camp. Certainly we should wait to see what happens over the course of a few months before messing about with it too much.

I really don't see what the big deal about having a no-brainer simple idea at the top of the idea chart is. OK, no one is going to go nuts if it doesn't get picked up, but does it really matter? It's not like anyone is sitting out there thinking that the top X ideas are going to get implemented and the rest ignored. It's just a measure of who thinks this is a good idea, who doesn't. Nice and simple.

<plug type="blatant ">
I'd still like to see simple vote ratio somewhere. :) { Link }

On that note, if you have an idea you want to get votes for, go out and pimp it!

Support for Domino for MacOSX Server (26 Nov 2007)

I've decided to upgrade my vote to promote (was neutral). I don't think it'll happen so I'm not holding my breath, but it'd be nice.

Virtual Reality - Lotus Notes Providing Charts Fecility (26 Nov 2007)

@6, Devi,

But you are proposing a new feature for notes / domino. That's all you need to do. If IBM provide a built in charting facility, why would you need Excel. For example, maybe IBM could take the charting code from the built in productivity tools.

"thats why i took help of excel which comes with OS"

Excel does not come with the OS. You have to pay extra for it. It may be one of the pieces of software that you have as standard in your organisation, but that's not everyone.

There are also opensource charting libs that you can use for free right now, without having to bind yourself to Excel.

Allow .png and .svg image resources (26 Nov 2007)

@3, yeah, you can use them on the web by putting them in as file resources, but the critical part is "and have them render in the notes client". So it's not just about sticking them in the right bucket.

Virtual Reality - Lotus Notes Providing Charts Fecility (23 Nov 2007)

Having build in charting features in Notes / Domino would be good, but I see no reason why it should involve Excel in any way shape or form.

+1 for build in charting.
-1 for the proposed method.

Implement Sender Policy Framework / Sender Rewriting Scheme (23 Nov 2007)

@8, depending on what you consider to be a "Spam Filter" I think a certain Mr. Linfoot { Link } would disagree with you. And I'll take his opinion on the matter any day.

Single Idea Widget (23 Nov 2007)

It's here. Cool!!

How about a bloggable URL like a Youtube URL? (21 Nov 2007)

Sweet ;)

How about a bloggable URL like a Youtube URL? (21 Nov 2007)

This is a dupe of { Link }

I'm taking the fact you're getting more votes personally by the way Ben ;)

improve @DBlookup (21 Nov 2007)

How many times have I wanted this one! Yes please.

Allow replying to a particular comment, not just the main idea (21 Nov 2007)

I like the flat blog style comments structure. It keeps everything really nica and simple.

Allow users to change their password through the sametime client (21 Nov 2007)

Obviously the way things stand at the moment, there would be a user education issue so that they knew that changing their sametime password would change there domino internet password as well.

Spam Relay, We love to hate you (20 Nov 2007)

Sorry, what is the actual idea you are proposing?

Support for Domino for MacOSX Server (20 Nov 2007)

It would be very interesting to see Domino on OSX server, but I have to agree that it doesn't make sense for IBM... unless apple picked up some of the tab... aaah hahahha. Sorry ;)

Support Lotus Domino on Ubuntu Server (20 Nov 2007)

Would vanilla debian support on the server not be better?

Regular Expressions (20 Nov 2007)

Not really bothered about LS, but regex in formula would be interesting.

Running totals in views (16 Oct 2007)

New function - @HostName (02 Oct 2007)

New function - @HostName (02 Oct 2007)

Should we show who voted and how for an idea? (02 Oct 2007)

What web browsers are you using to access the idea exchange? (01 Oct 2007)

New function - @HostName (01 Oct 2007)

Display Top 10 Ideas list within context (01 Oct 2007)

SQL Interface for Notes Apps (21 Sep 2007)

Solution Exchange (21 Sep 2007)

See Idea Details from View (21 Sep 2007)

At a Glance Vote Ratio (17 Sep 2007)

Adjust login box size (11 Sep 2007)

No vote without comment (11 Sep 2007)

Favorite Ideas (10 Sep 2007)

Anonymous Promoting/Demoting? (10 Sep 2007)

Anonymous Promoting/Demoting? (10 Sep 2007)

Reference to an IBM enhancement request (10 Sep 2007)

Slap Matt around the head with a dead fish (08 Sep 2007)


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