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Sametime Alert with a placehoder for topic (01 Mar 2014)

It does that already. When you select the right click option "alert me when..." there is a field that says "Optional Note"

Provide A doc-Load option in each object to load just the first 40k of rich text fields in a doc (01 Mar 2014)

How is this significantly different to the partial replication option? Where the first 40k of a document is retrieved?

Support for very high log activity in HTTP server (01 Mar 2014)

You may find the option to log to files vs nsf better suited for you. They use an industry standard format and there are many 3rd party tools that can read them.

When clicking on 'new message' pop-up, open correct folder (20 Feb 2014)

You can also double click on the email subject in the notification window and it will take you straight into the email, so no need to find it in a folder.

Replication and Sync Sametime contacts (18 Feb 2014)

This sounds like a fairly specific request for IBM. Blue pages in internal to IBM etc.

For most companies, this information is stored within the users vpuserinfo record on the server, with a local cache, it's possible in IBM you have a different setup where you don't use vpuserinfo.nsf and thereby require such an option. For most customers, this request isn't needed.

To enhance Sametime (24 Sep 2013)

We have built this using the plugin architecture of Sametime. Employees can fill in the information via a simple website, and that information is visible to other users through their Sametime client.

{ Link }

"Seen" flag in SameTime chat (24 Sep 2013)

Agree with Mark.

Integrating the CISCO (22 Sep 2013)

Already possible with Cisco integration and ibm SUT. Your issue is how IBM has configured it within IBM.

Sametime Offline Messages (22 Sep 2013)

Sametime advanced license offers this. So it's already there.

Ability to attach multiple files at once (25 Mar 2013)

I can attach multiple files when I get the attach dialog, in older and newer versions of Notes.

Standard windows feature, ctrl and click to select different files not next to each other in list and shift click to select a range of files.

Sametime widget that provides Facebook-like status tracking (22 Mar 2013)

Not sure if you ever looked at Epilio Jessie for this?

Sametime client for iPhone (22 Mar 2013)

IBM has shipped this.

Sametime Offline Status (22 Mar 2013)

Also very similar to this idea already submitted:
{ Link }

Sametime Offline Status (22 Mar 2013)

I think this wouldn't work in reality. It's hard enough getting users to set their status description when they're logged in.

Enable search for multiple notes databases simultaniusly (22 Mar 2013)

But it was much easier to use than any domain search stuff, you just held down the Ctrl key to open multiple databases at once in a single window.

Enable search for multiple notes databases simultaniusly (22 Mar 2013)

Agree with number @4, when IBM moved to their own internal search technology from the 3rd party search code Lotus was using, this functionality was lost. Would love it back.

Sharing your screen on Sametime (22 Mar 2013)

This exists, it's a feature of Sametime Advanced. I believe you work for IBM, you should contact your internal IBM folks to see why your client doesn't have that option.

I would love to see it as a feature of a Standard Sametime license.

Sametime Out of Office (18 Jun 2012)

This sounds like an internal IBM funding issue. Why don't you get permission to post your work to date as open source code on openntf.org then the community could finish off the work you have began?

Optional toolbar for RichTex field in Notes Client (29 May 2012)

Aren't they the smartIcons across the top?? Do you have your toolbar turned off?

Display Online Status ICON in Sametime Chat Window (05 Mar 2012)

Yes you're missing something, most likely, you have the business card disabled.

When you have a chat window open, in the menu select, View, Show, and make sure business card is selected.

Do you see any other business card information and just missing the status details? If just missing the status icon, then I would say you've got a bad client install, or a bad plug-in that is messing with your status. Either way, this is a core feature of the product.

Display Online Status ICON in Sametime Chat Window (29 Feb 2012)

What version of Sametime are you talking about? The sametime chat window does show the status icon, right next to a users name, if you have telephony integration it will even show the telephone status.

Check you haven't hidden the business card, View, Show, Business Card.

Are you talking about Notes Basic Client? Don't expect any enhancements to be made to that.

A single dictionnary for all applications (IBM or not) (09 Mar 2011)

All Lotus products use to share the dictionary, Notes, ccMail, 1-2-3, Word Pro, Freelance, Approach. Not sure when IBM changed it.

Mass Conversion Tool: SmartSuite files => Symphony (07 Mar 2011)

You could use the SmartSuite Document converter, to convert the SmartSuite files to something like office format with Symphony can read. A shame IBM is not helping their SmartSuite paying customers migrate to their new free offering of Symphony.

{ Link }

A/V Capability for users outside firewall (for 8.5.x) (19 Dec 2010)

In total agreement it should have been there since the day 8.5.x shipped. It should finally arrive in 2011 though.

Bring back the Sandbox on developerWorks (02 Dec 2010)

Totally agree

Attachment Box (28 Apr 2010)

Upgrade to the latest version of notes, it does this already.

(Completed) Sametime Meetings should be available 10 minutes before the meeting is scheduled (16 Apr 2010)

There is already sametime.ini setting for this. You can specify how many minutes before the conference goes live to start it.

Sametime 7.5x introduced the ability to allow meetings to start X minutes before the actual meeting time. This will allow users to access the scheduled meeting before the meeting is scheduled to begin. By default, all meetings on Sametime 7.5x servers will start 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. However, this setting can be modified by changing the following parameter in the sametime.ini:


{ Link }

ST8.5 Create windows services for Sametime (30 Mar 2010)

Thanks Vincent, just updated the code.

ST8.5 Create windows services for Sametime (30 Mar 2010)

I agree, and told IBM during the 8.5 beta that most Domino admins will find it hard to believe a product ships like this in 2009.

In the mean time, I made a free utility you can run that is much easier than all those pesky batch files etc. You can find it at the bottom of the page here: { Link }

Copy As Plain Text option in Rich Text Field (06 Feb 2010)

Just copy the text to the clipboard, and then choose, Edit, Paste Special, and select Text.

Ability to detach and remove file attachments from multiple emails at once (02 Jul 2009)

Sounds interesting, how do you do this in Outlook? I can't see a menu option or anything.

Mail in-out proxy for DMZ (11 Feb 2009)

Have you looked at Lotus Protector? I think it might do what you want.

Make fulltext index plug-in'able (30 Jan 2009)

I believe this is possible today and has been for a few years. There was a company Albert that had done this previously for example.

Linking Notes Email to Notes Database (12 Jun 2008)

Create a mail-in database.

That way you can cc the mail-in database address in emails and copies will be stored there.

I have found this a great way for people in groups like support or sales to know they can delete the emails, but still go back and read them if they ever need to.

Sametime Status - Invisible (06 Jun 2008)

You can do this today and since Sametime version 2.5.

Sametime does not allow lurking, where you can be logged on and see the status of other people but not allow them to see your status, but you can selectively decide who can see you online.

Look under Tools, Privacy Lists...

Provide a 'skin' for Symphony that mimics the Office 2003 menu structure (12 May 2008)

@2, @4
Legal precedence does exist, in Lotus V Borland, Lotus were suing Borland for copying the 1-2-3 menus. Lotus lost a pretty fierce legal battle. Basically menus etc. be copied.

Lotus did something not entirely like this before for Word Pro, with WordPerfect and Word menu help. So it has been done before.

Subgroups in the sametime contact list (06 May 2008)

Which Notes client are you using? The latest 8.0.x ?

Make Ctrl-A a toggle (06 May 2008)

I also like Ctrl-Shift-A, I have promoted this idea however because I want a quick keyboard shortcut whether it be Ctrl-A or something else short and sweet. (yes I know I can do Alt-E-D)

Subgroups in the sametime contact list (06 May 2008)

This video shows you how to use them.
{ Link }

Subgroups in the sametime contact list (06 May 2008)

You can. What version of Sametime are you looking at?

Also you cannot add a sub group inside a public group, but if you group is privagte, you can just drag and drop groups into it. Or you can right mouse button on a private group and click add sub group.

Quick Key for Pass Through HTML (02 May 2008)

Yes, I currently use Alt-T-H

Enable Sametime notifications from servers or workflow to Domino users/groups (18 Mar 2008)

Great idea, be sure to take a look at the Sametime redbook from a few years ago, chapter 6:
{ Link }

We do exactly this in the book.

It would be great to have Lotusscript access to sametime calls without involving 3rd party code or java though.

Make Sametime server work with Internet Site configuration documents (07 Mar 2008)

Existing idea:
{ Link }

Remove the spalsh screen (29 Feb 2008)

If you launch NLNOTES.exe you won't get a splash screen.

The main reason the splash screen exists is not for self promotion, but to let the user know something is going on. On slower machines, without the splash screen, users tend to repeatedly click on the notes icon, causes notes to attempt to load multiple times.

Add a Travel Event type to the Notes Calendar. (22 Feb 2008)

I used to travel a lot between timezones all the time and this was one of those tricky things to handle.

I found it much easier to handle if I showed my two most used timezones in the calendar, File, User Preferences, International, Calendar (not sure what it is in Notes 8)

That way I would always enter the calendar entries in the correct timezone, so a 5pm meeting in the US would appear as 10pm in the UK, but I could still see the US time by looking at the time scale on the left. This made it much easier when I actually went to the other country and switched the timezone on my PC etc.

When pasting text from a browser into a text field, please remove leading- and trailing spaces. (12 Feb 2008)

I'm not going to vote, because I don't want to promote or demote the idea.

I often paste text where I want the leading or trailing blanks, so I think it should be a preference, like a SmartText option, I either want it on or off, nto force me to use it in a way I might not intend.

Beef Up Sametime in the Notes client (08 Feb 2008)

Have you looked at Notes 8 yet Marie? I would take a look at that and see if you're happy with the integration. There is more that can be done, but basically the Sametime client has become part of the Notes 8 client.

Broadcasting in Sametime (26 Dec 2007)

@2 Most likely he can login with the ST client, and it's the old issue of SSO is setup incorrectly, using shortname, using IP address etc. so cannot login to the webpage. Should be very simple to build a command line sametime community server application that could be ran on the st server.

Group expiration (26 Dec 2007)

I've always thought this would be very useful for download sites, where customers who have not maintained their Support and Maintenance agreement could automatically be refused access on the date it expires.

Provide integration with Twitter in Sametime / Notes8 plug-in (19 Dec 2007)

If Twitter has a web widget for entry this is really easy to do.

"Contact" class structure needed (14 Dec 2007)

Big yes on this one!

Alphabetical sort order (13 Dec 2007)

is the option view, then you can check the option to sort groups and the individuals alphabetically gone in 8?

Better multithreading support in the client (11 Dec 2007)

@2 So does using eclipse views and components let me attach files to a mail and go and do something else in the Notes client?

Add Mail Merge to Lotus Documents (11 Dec 2007)

Mail merge should also be email merge. So that each resulting document can be sent out an email out. This is a nice feature of Word and Outlook that Notes is sorely missing.

Allow Quickr (And Sametime) to use Internet Site Documents (11 Dec 2007)

Yes, this is ridiculous.

Because I can't user Internet site documents, it costs more money to get additional hardware and I give more money to Microsoft for another OS copy, this doesn't matter I suppose it just means Microsoft get more money for their operating system which they can use to improve exchange and sharepoint to compete against IBM.

Allow Quickr (And Sametime) to use LTPA Tokens with a different name. (11 Dec 2007)

With Sametime you can, see technote 1157189

{ Link }

Not sure if this works for Quickr.

But they should support Internet Site documents anyway.

Need your great ideas for Lotusphere booth giveaways (11 Dec 2007)

By the way, I don't know what your company does, if we knew that it might be easier to come up with relevant ideas.

Need your great ideas for Lotusphere booth giveaways (11 Dec 2007)

Hangover kits containing things like alka selzer, andrew powders, aspirin, cold pack

Need your great ideas for Lotusphere booth giveaways (11 Dec 2007)

Havoc Helicopters, I've seen these priced as low as 10 bucks now.
{ Link }

Need your great ideas for Lotusphere booth giveaways (11 Dec 2007)

Dr Scholl shoe insoles, by day two or three most people have feet that are killing them.

Sametime enable IdeaJam (11 Dec 2007)

I like this idea, it doesn't necessarily have to be on this version, but I think if they plan to sell this template it's an important option to have available if the customer wants to enable it.

Need your great ideas for Lotusphere booth giveaways (11 Dec 2007)

Redbook CDs, put them in a CD case branded with your company etc. and people will love you.

Could we have a standalone freeware NSF viewer? (25 Nov 2007)

How about using DOLs to do this, then your browser becomes the viewer?

Separate DominoBlog template from restrictions of Domino release cycle (25 Nov 2007)

I don't think that's your call is it John? IBM has made a few surprises in the last couple of years, I was told that Workplace getting canned wouldn't happen, but it did.

F2 key to rename objecs (23 Nov 2007)

FYI F2 for edit predates windows, it was the 1-2-3 key for editing a cell :-)

Make it easy to add Images of Poeple (16 Nov 2007)

@4 That's why there are policies, the same way people can turn off custom emoticons or screen capture, they could also turn off image upload. It's all about options. I

Give all attendees a DVD with all presentation PDFs on it (15 Nov 2007)

Yes, or at least accessible on a website all year, or preferably forever until we move to another medium instead of the internet

Create empty NotesDocumentCollection (15 Nov 2007)

I think NotesDocumentCollection.sort should really be called out on it's own, it is a much wanted feature.

Custom @Functions (10 Nov 2007)

This is how 1-2-3 currently does it.

{ Link }

Custom @Functions (10 Nov 2007)

Maybe have a new section that says enter lotusscript functions here that can be used as @functions?

Creating URL link hotspot should be much easier (08 Nov 2007)

Yes it becomes obvious how insane this process is when you have a blog. It wouldn't be so bad if we had a smarticon for it, but there isn't one.

Make it easy to add Images of Poeple (31 Oct 2007)

Make it possible for people to change their own image from within the sametime client.


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