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Admin client that runs seperately from the Notes client in Windows

: Domino Administrator / Other
: admin
Thomas Leriche1881 - 03 2009 (4)
Wouldn't it be great if the admin client could be tied up processing something and still be able to access the Notes client normally?  This way I could be replicating a database, registering 50 new users or waiting for a large log file to open on the admin client and ...

Admin Client for Linux

: Domino Administrator / Other
: admin, linux
Peter Vogt340 - 08 2008 (16)
When can we expect an Admin Client for Linux?

Allow copying of recovery password

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: admin, password, recovery
Kushal Boorgu679 - 12 2007 (3)
There is no option to copy the recovery password generated when doing the password recovery from the domino admin client. It would be easier if we are able to copy the recovery password instead of manually writing it down and entering it in the password recovery dialog box.

Temporarily Restrict access to individual database(s)

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: access control, restrict, database, admin
Alan Dalziel1450 - 30 2009 (2)
In cases where only one or two databases are corrupted for whatever reason, it would be so convenient to block access to the database to all except Full Access Administrators so that maintenance tasks can be run without interference.
If this were available, it would be best if any attempted ...

Real Time or Update Button for DiskSpace Indicators

: Domino Administrator / Other
: diskspace, admin, client
Marie Scott3790 - 23 2008 (2)
Add functionality for either a real time diskspace indicator or an update button to update the diskspace percent indicators on the files tab of the Admin client.  How many times have you been working on archives and disk clean ups only to look up at the indicators to think "I'm ...

Server Policies

: Domino Administrator / Other
: policies, administration, admin, configuration
Scott O'Keefe187 - 07 2008 (2)
Wouldn't it be great if you could create server policies to enforce server document and/or server configuration document settings across servers?  This would mean that :
  • you would have better control over server configurations throughout your domain(s)
  • servers would not be able to have their settings changed out from ...

Databases as application bundles in workspace

: Notes Client / Other
: workspace, icons, database, admin
Mark Sta Ana414 - 27 2008 (1)
Now that we moved away from Databases to Applications as a concept ;) Why use the stack feature (currently used to keep replicas together) to keep related applications together.

You know the scenario, you have a front-end database that the user clicks on, but you still separate databases for ...

Comments within Admin settings

: Domino Server / Directory
: directory, admin
Tom McArthur1022 - 10 2008 (0)
I'd like to see comments available within many Admin settings. For example, this list of IPs that can send SMTP through my system probably has outdated devices, but it's hard to tell without comments.
[]; []; []; []; []; []; []; []; []; [];
Compare that to something ...

Make the Network and connection/routing Layout Maps printable

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: map, visio, printing, admin
Keith Brooks6783 - 01 2007 (0)
Why is this so hard? Word can embed a Visio chart in itself and edit it, why can't you do the same for this in the admin client?
I understand it is built on the fly, but can't you at least add a save to pdf or visio option?
Printing ...

Turn on the cleanup agent in domlog.nsf by default - like in log.nsf

: Domino Administrator / Web Application Server
: admin, log
Andrew Pollack2909 - 30 2008 (1)
Although LOG.NSF comes out of the box with an automatic cleanup after "n" days,  when you create domlog.nsf from domlog.ntf the agent to do that is disabled by default.   Without paying attention, this file can quickly grow very very large.   The default should be 10 days.

More information in the Map/Layout/View

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: admin, visio, ip
Keith Brooks6783 - 01 2007 (0)
It's nice to have a visual view of replication and connections. Now can you include useful items like:
  • IP address/DNS name
  • replication schedule/times
  • how many mail boxes are on each server
  • OS Name/version
  • Domino Version
  • Sametime version
  • Quickplace/Quickr Version
I'm tired of always doing Visio updates ...

Make Admin Panels eclipse Views

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: eclipse, admin
Bob Balfe658 - 05 2007 (2)
By having the various Domino Admin panels (Files, Groups, Servers, etc) as Eclipse views you could put them wherever you want - side shelf, in a composite app, your own perspective, etc and basically define your own admin experience.  Having that level of modularity would also allow you to have ...

Admin Wizard

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: admin, administration, wizard, tools
chuck dean361 - 28 2008 (1)
Create a Domino Admin Wizard that would present a list of the top new features in a release - or if possible read the current system configuration and see what existing features are implemented and then list new features from earlier releases (ie. implementing the CA process to replace the ...

Provide suggested session paths

: Lotusphere / Session
: sessions, lotusphere, admin, developer, domino server, notes client
Dale Dean1273 - 26 2008 (2)
Provide sheets with suggested session paths to take for those who are aimed at one particular product or goal.
Ex: Certification, Quickr, Sametime, Administration, Development, Archiving, etc.

Allow fixup to be run monthly via program document

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: fixup, domino, admin, directory
Bill Malchisky9254 - 28 2009 (1)
Add a monthly option for fixup in the directory. Running fixup daily or weekly is not a best practice. But that is all an admin can do to run it programatically within Domino, unless the admin is skilled at OS-level scripting and creates a cron job or equivalent--which is not ...

Ability to open DB from the WebAdmin.nsf file tab.

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: web, admin, open, db
Brett Flagg294 - 20 2008 (4)
I've found myself in a remote location and to take care of a emergency, it's easy to use the webadmin.nsf.
Quite a few times, I need to open a db in the File tab, and I cannot. 
This stops me from seeing exactly what the end user issue is.
This ...

Let Domino Console Tell Version Quickr or with QPTool

: Quickr
: version, quickr, admin, console, qptool
Keith Brooks6783 - 21 2011 (0)
Prior to 8.5 Quickr admins could find the version installed either by watching the console on startup or opening a browser and looking at the page source of the Quickr pages and would see a simple verison reference.
In 8.5 one must now open the page source and search for ...

Broadcasting in Sametime

: Sametime / Administration
: broadcasting, sametime, admin
Keith Brooks6783 - 01 2007 (3)
Yes, this is part of the administrator options, BUT if I can not login to the %^E$ing machine how can I broadcast something?
There should be a way from the Domino Admin client or from the server console to Broadcast to Sametime users as well as Domino users.

Extended Database Properties - Attachment Information

: Domino Administrator / Data Storage and Management
: attachment, size, admin, client
Marie Scott3790 - 28 2008 (3)
Extend the database properties to include information about attachments in a given mail database.  For example:  number of attachments, amount of database storage occupied by attachment, average size of attachments in database.  This could then be extrapolated to the Administrator Client as an optional column in the Files view - to ...

Automaticly delete loadmon.ncf in case of a version upgrade

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: administration, admin, configuration, easy
Nicolas ADMENT258 - 13 2008 (0)
Usefull for clustered servers, why not remove this file automaticly when server upgraded or fix pack installed

Allow easy remote access (telnet/ssh) to the server console from Linux

: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: administration, admin, console, server
Daniel Silva438 - 14 2007 (10)
We are currently "tied' to the Domino Administrator client which currently only runs on Windows.  I'd like to be able from a Linux client to telnet/ssh to the Domino server's console and run any commands remotely w/o need any special "client' to connect to it.  Authentication would be done via ...

Add console commands to create/delete/move DB

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: admin, console
Jan Schulz4398 - 09 2007 (1)
I would like to have a command to create new, delete old Databases on the server (even in batch mode) and move DBs around.

I like the CL Commands (mainly because I don't have to go via the client -> fast over slow inet connections), but sometimes ...

Rename 'Administration Requests'

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: admin
Dan King2533 - 10 2007 (4)
Can we have a generic name for the Administration Requests that doesn't involve the word Admin at all. I'd suggest something like 'Server Requests'.
We, as I'm sure other companies do, have an admin team that people want to email frequently. We're constantly getting requests to remove these 'other' ...


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