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Sametime - Web Conferencing 


Allow a "test call" to check audio

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: audio
Eric Lohry2715 - 23 2008 / (0)
Skype has a "test call" service to test audio.  I use it all of the time to check new headsets and new computers.  Sametime should have the same feature if it is going to be adopted in the same way that Skype is. 
Better yet, integrate Skype into Sametime ...

Provide Mac support for web conferencing

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: mac, sametime, conferencing
Barb Skedel757 - 15 2008 / (0)

Either provide abiility for a Mac user to host a sametime meeting or allow a person to take control of a mac client during a meeting. Our helpdesk uses sametime quite frequently since the majority of our users are web-based and remote. We are seeing more of a Mac population ...


In Sametime Meeting, restrict chat to meeting members

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: sametime
Alan Dalziel1445 - 07 2009 / (0)
When logged into a Sametime online meeting, your status is available, so anyone can chat with you whether in the meeting or not. I'd like to have the option to restrict my availability to chat with only meeting participants.

Make Web Conferencing easier for non-Notes users

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: authentication
Eric Lohry2715 - 05 2008 / (3)
I know quite a few Lotus Partners who do their presentations on WebX or GoTo Meeting.   I ask them: "why don't you use Sametime?"  The answer is always the same; too difficult for someone to weed through the Java and application downloads.  I know sametime Unyte is good for this, ...

Calendar integration

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: sametime, calendar
Gresham Andrews242 - 29 2008 / (0)
Preferred meeting server please already! There are preferred "real" conference rooms and resources, why not preference sametime meeting servers? Now with 8.0.2 Notes client, you have a preferred "unyte" meeting place! Lotus do you remember your old pal, Sametime and how you can host a meeting on it and how ...

Maintain slide animations

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: sametime, web conference, powerpoint, symphony
Phil Salm426 - 18 2009 / (3)
Maintain slide animations in Sametime web conferences.

Friends location

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: location, friends
Caty Kenneth100 - 07 2009 / (0)
Using the mobile phone location, sametime should show the country or city where the user is located

Allow IE browser instant meetings without toolbars

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: sametime, instant, meetings, toolbar, xulrunner
Brian Wenzel88 - 14 2008 / (0)
FREQUENT complaint of users is the inability to start instant meetings without IE toolbars.
I know that Xulrunner (Mozilla browser) can be used - and this will eliminate the toolbars. With Xulrunner however, you cannot use the Meeting/Leave Meeting option.

The IE toolbars are ...

(Completed) Sametime Meetings should be available 10 minutes before the meeting is scheduled

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: web conference, meeting, invitation, scheduling
David Hablewitz15167 - 16 2010 / (3)
Currently when an online meeting is created in the Notes calendar, attendees cannot log into the Sametime meeting until the start time of the meeting.  The online meeting should be available to connect and get ready 10 minutes in advance (or some length of time as specified in the meeting ...

Audio/Video behind firewall and through HTTP Proxy

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: audio video proxy firewall guest media
Kris De Bisschop46 - 15 2012 / (0)
Hello all,
I opened a PMR @IBM support to request a feature in IBM Sametime since there is a problem using Audio/Video in a Sametime meeting when you are behind an HTTP proxy and you are not allowed to use other protocols than HTTP(s).
I have a customer ...


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New ODS: multiple files instead of a single file
Add launch options for Xpages app in Notes browser plugin.
Y'know that right-click lookup user on emails? That would be really useful in the dialog it opens.
Make the columns of the design element lists customizable
Design element support in XPages format
Add HTTP2 support to Domino
Work with attachments in LotusScript without detaching
IsDocChanged Property/@IsDocChanged
Enable WebDAV for all Notes documents
Allow more than Database Icons on the Workspace?
Make a Better "Manage Views"
Publish a roadmap!
get a list of readers and authors for the selected document
Expose the NotesDocument.IsDirty property
Make the Files view exportable to .csv from the administrator client
Integrate Worklight into Designer
DAOS - resync optimization
Make location of Slide-in notifications adjustable and sticky
Abort searching design of form
Make the Traveler data easily exportable in HA mode
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