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IdeaJam is a place where people can post and share their ideas, and gauge the marketability, popularity and viability with input from others. When an idea gets posted, others can help promote or demote the idea and provide comments. Popular ideas will bubble to the top.

Learn About IdeaJam's Features

Help is available for the following IdeaJam features:

What is an IdeaSpace?
IdeaSpace Views
Posting an Idea
Top Idea Tags
Tags Page
What's Hot
My Profile
Blog or Embed an Idea on a Web Page


Please avoid duplicate ideas. To check and see if another IdeaJam user has submitted a similar idea use the search box in the upper right hand corner. If a similar idea already exists all you need to do is vote on the idea and/or add your comments. Search results can also be exported into a spreadsheet.

What is an IdeaSpace?

IdeaSpaces are categories that have been setup by your IdeaJam administrator that reflect the areas that are used to group ideas together. Be sure to select the correct IdeaSpace when submitting your idea. Use the “Select an IdeaSpace” dropdown menu to select an IdeaSpace.

IdeaSpace Views

Each IdeaSpace has eight different views. You can view recent ideas, popular ideas, ideas with the most comments, ideas that are in progress, ideas that have been completed, ideas that have been rejected, ideas that have been withdrawn and all comments made within an IdeaSpace.

Posting an Idea

Click on the “Post my idea” button to add your idea to IdeaJam. Select an IdeaSpace and enter the title of your idea. When you leave the description field IdeaJam will check to see if any similar ideas are already in IdeaJam. You can view any similar ideas that IdeaJam finds by clicking on the idea. It will open in a new window for you to review.

You can now add one or more tags to help further categorize your ideas. IdeaJam will suggest tags for you as you type. Separate tags with a comma. Now enter a detailed description of your idea. You can also link your idea to another idea by selecting it from the “Link to another idea” dropdown. This field is not required. Up to five attachments can be added to your ideas. Graphics files (.PNG, .JPG and .GIF) will be displayed above the idea description. All other file attachment type will be displayed as links.


Click on the Promote, Demote or No Opinion to cast your vote for an idea. You can vote from any of the IdeaSpace views or when reading an idea. You can also withdraw your vote at any time. To withdraw your vote click on an idea and the click the Withdraw my Vote button.


While voting is an important part of IdeaJam so is leaving comments on ideas. You can post a comment on an idea by clicking on the idea title and then entering your comment. You can see a list of comments left by others as well. Comments left by IdeaSpace or IdeaJam administrators will be highlighted in different colors.


The Dashboard shows you your ideas and also shows you a list of suggested ideas that you may be interested in. To access the Dashboard click on the Dashboard button below the Post an Idea button on the right side of IdeaJam.

The list of your ideas will show you the idea title, the number of votes, the number of comments and the last activity date. When you hover your mouse over an idea it will show you a popup with the last action performed on your idea (either a vote, a comment or a status change) and by whom the action was performed.

The list of Suggested Ideas contains a list of ideas, their status and IdeaSpace. IdeaJam generates this list based on the IdeaSpace and tags of the ideas you have submitted, voted or comment.

Top Idea Tags

The Top Idea Tags cloud will be displayed on the right hand side of IdeaJam. It includes a list of the most popular tags used within IdeaJam. Click on a tag to show a list of all ideas using that tag.

Tags Page

The Tags Page can be accessed from top menu. The page will show Popular Tags as well as all of the tags for each IdeaSpace. Click on the IdeaSpace name in the accordion to show the tag cloud.


The Statistic page shows eight graphs that show activity within IdeaJam and include graphs for Ideas by IdeaSpace, Votes by IdeaSpace, Comments by IdeaSpace, Votes by Date, Votes by Week, Ideas and Comments by Date, Ideas and Comments by Week and Votes, Ideas and Comments by IdeaSpace.

What's Hot

The list of the most active ideas is shown in the "What's Hot" section of IdeaJam located on the right hand side of all pages. The list consists of those ideas that have received both votes and comments over the last 28 days. Your IdeaJam administrator determines how the list of ideas is generated by setting weights for votes and comments. To see which ideas are hot today, ideas which were hot yesterday and which ideas were hot over the last seven days click on "What's Hot".


Clicking on the Unvoted link at the top of IdeaJam will show you a list of all of the ideas which you haven't voted on.

My Profile

IdeaJam allows each use to display information about themselves. Click on the My Profile link at the top of IdeaJam to access your profile. You can also see your ideas, your comments and votes from your profile. You can also click on any users name in IdeaJam to see their IdeaJam profile. Your profile also allows you to select the language that you would like to display IdeaJam in and also allows you to choose whether you want to recieve email notifications from IdeaJam.

Blog or Embed an Idea on a Web Page

If your IdeaJam administrator has enabled the Blog or Embed an Idea option in your IdeaJam you can easily display your idea on any web page. Open an idea and then copy the HTML code into your blog or web page.


It's easy to stay connected to IdeaJam by using news or RSS feeds. Anywhere you see the orange RSS icon you can click on it and add it to your RSS reader. RSS feeds are available for IdeaSpaces, ideas, tags, comments and much more.


Welcome to IdeaJam™

You can run IdeaJam™ in your company. It's easy to install, setup and customize. Your employees, partners and customers will immediately see results.

Use IdeaJam to:

  • Collect ideas from employees
  • Solicit feedback and suggestions from employees and customers
  • Run innovation contests and competitions
  • Validate concepts
  • Use the power of "crowd-sourcing" to rank ideas and allow the best ideas to rise to the top

IdeaJam™ works with:

  • IBM Connections
  • IBM Lotus Quickr
  • Blogs and Wikis
  • Websphere Portal
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • and other applications.

IdeaJam has an extensive set of widgets and API's that allow you to extend and integrate IdeaJam™ with other applications.

Learn more about IdeaJam >>

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Improve notes.net forums
Ability to mark a field as required without having to code
Table enhancements
Add Cortana support under Windows 10
Add method overloading to LotusScript
Programmable embedded views
Option to use icons in buttons
Admin client that runs seperately from the Notes client in Windows
Increase the Lookup/Storage Limit (32KB / 64 KB)
Please update the look & feel of the standard templates?
Application (Database) Block List for Debugger
Increase Field Size
Ability to quick-select all documents in a category
Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts
Create CSS functionality for views and forms in Notes
Free (restricted) Domino server for web applications
Allow tabs on Workspace to be re-arranged
Display value of variables on mouse move on it
More useful templates
Full DXL round-trip of DESIGN ELEMENTS
Add "Send To Lotus Notebook" Print Driver
Implement onChange event on all fields in the Notes client
Customize prompt when user's mail is rejected by Server Mail Rule
"n documents selected" in status bar should reflect documents selected (!) not number of rows selected (Notes View)

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