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Option to make integrated Sametime Client Notes Location aware?

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, location
Stefan Meyer1788 - 14 2016 / (0)
Not sure if there already is a solution for this:
When I choose "Offline" as Notes location, I'd like to prevent Sametime from searching for servers. "Offline" - in my cases - means there is no network in reach.
Unfortunately Sametime does not care and searches for servers, It ...

SameTime file based chat history viewer Notes

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, chat, transcript, history, file, notes client
Zoltan Szabo5578 - 25 2014 / (0)
Hi Jamers!
I suggest to integrate the file based chat history into the Notes client. The Chat history manu should present chat history content even if the user is using file based history.

Sorted Search

: Sametime / Administration
: sort search
Rohit P147 - 19 2014 / (0)
Whenever a search operation is performed in Chat History the search is done in all the chat transcripts and then results returned. This process may take more time if there are too many chat transcripts. Couldn't the search be performed using date-range?
For ex: In a scenario when a ...

Replication and Sync Sametime contacts

: Sametime / Administration
: replicate_sametime
Rohit P147 - 18 2014 / (1)
Hi, Most of us have used the option to run manually or automatically the Replication and Sync option in the Lotus Notes.Since Sametime is integrated with Lotus Notes, can the Replication and Sync option also run for Sametime contacts? 
For ex:The contacts details can be updated for various ...

Out of office status

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: ooo, sametime status
Kalyan Konduri47 - 07 2014 / (0)
Based on a user's OOO config, sync up the status if user logs on sametime. There are tools available under POC stage but if it comes with in the suite, it would be great.

Sametime Alert with a placehoder for topic

: Sametime / Other
: alerts
Sreeja Kurup298 - 06 2014 / (1)
 Hello, Can we have a facility to set a topic when I set alert for a contact. This will help the user (me) to reconnect fast to the subject for which the alert was set for the person I was looking for. ...

Important Info space in Sametime

: Sametime / Administration
: sametime
Sreeja Kurup298 - 06 2014 / (0)
 Hello, Can I have a simple Storage area in Sametime or Notes for all my URLs, Collaborations, Connections etc, like we have workspace? thank you, Sreeja

Add contact to multiple groups at one Go

: Sametime / Other
: sametime contacts
Sreeja Kurup298 - 06 2014 / (0)
Hello,  In ST, can we get a facility to add a given person/contact to multiple selected groups? Now I can add the contact only in one group at a time. This will help me immensely when a new joinee or my mentee has to be added to groups which I ...

reminder setting for NON-SameTime Event

: Sametime / Other
: reminder, alarm, pop-up, reset
roopa shanbhag30 - 30 2014 / (0)
I would like to suggest this  idea of Reminder/Alert set-up on SameTime for those Events which might not be co-related to ST like chatmeeting alert or people availability. This Feature would allow us to set any reminder & should give us option of reset, done , snooze etc.

Add Send "Meeting Request" capability to Sametime Groups

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, meeting invitations, groups
Pranjal Sahu257 - 11 2013 / (0)
As of now we can only Send Announcements and Email to a Group Created in Sametime .This should be enhanced to Send "Meeting Requests" also.We will not have to create separate groups for sending meeting requests if we have this functionality

"Seen" flag in SameTime chat

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: chat, seen, status
Zoltan Szabo5578 - 10 2013 / (3)
Hi All,
It would be great to see if the other party of a chat was seen you message. Sometimes you send a message and nothoing happens. If "seen" status will be introduced then you will see if something happening on the other side.
eg: Facebook does it

Sametime Offline Messages

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, offline message
Pranjal Sahu257 - 10 2013 / (1)
When a person is Offline,the only out is to mail him/her and wait for the response when he is back.Why can't we have a concept of Offline messages that will show him/her all the offline messages when he is back.Checking Offline messages will be more time efficient rather then checking ...

Social Networking via Sametime

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: social networking, sametime
Chiranjeevi Dasegowda85 - 10 2013 / (2)
Nowadays more emphasis is given to social networking
What if employees can get this info much easier through an application which they access the most which is "Sametime"?
It would be good if we can find the ids of few important social networking sites in our sametime contacts ...

To enhance Sametime

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime
Chiranjeevi Dasegowda85 - 10 2013 / (3)
Very often, it happens that the fellow peers

Integrating the CISCO

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, office extension
Chiranjeevi Dasegowda85 - 10 2013 / (2)
Many times it happens that if

Creation of Automatic Groups in Sametime based on domains

: Sametime / Contact Management
: sametime, groups, contacts
Pranjal Sahu257 - 09 2013 / (1)
Many a times we need to contact people through Sametime.And we have a lot of difficulties searching for that person on our Sametime List if he has been already added to a group created by ourselves.For instance if you have some 1000 contacts in your sametime list ...

Sorting of Lotus Sametime Contact List

: Sametime / Contact Management
: sametime, contacts, sorting, relevant
Pranjal Sahu257 - 09 2013 / (0)
As of now,the Lotus Sametime Contact List gets sorted alphabetically.We should have the ability to sort the Lotus Sametime Contacts List based on other criterias as well like 'Most Recent Conversation','Total number of Conversations'.By using these criterias, the users can quickly find the Contacts on the Sametime List which ...

Sharing your screen on Sametime

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: screen, sametime, chat, chat window
Dominykas Punis153 - 22 2013 / (3)

Share screen on Sametime chat          

 About it


Sametime Offline Status

: Sametime / Contact Management
: sametime, lotus connections, bluepages, contact, status
Dominykas Punis153 - 21 2013 / (3)


I have an idea how to improve business efficiency and responsiveness time by adding a ...


Ability to send a BBM straight from the Sametime client

: Sametime / Telephony
: blackberry, sametime, bbm
Christopher Boote6117 - 19 2013 / (0)
If the user is in the Notes BES, add a button to send the sametime message as a BBM message immediately
Actually, completely including BBM functionality inside Sametime would be great


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