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Connect 3:rd party mail clients to Domino with ability to use Contacts/Calendar/RnR 
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: Anders …slund448 18 Jul 2012
: / Email
What about letting 3:rd party mail applications connect to Domino server for mail _and_ calendar/contacts/RnR?

Since IBM can charge for clients connecting to the Domino server it could be a nice deal for IBM. This could open new markets where the Notes client is seen as clumpsy and also have a bad name.

Possible solutions to acheive this:
1) IBM opens the source code for parts the Notes client (where properity stuff is removed), only to have the basic features for mail/calendar/RnR/Contacts still there. This mail client is driven as a community project which IBM sponsors. This mail client could become popular with a user community also adding features (similar to Thunderbird). Whis would be excellent marketing and goodwill towards IBM!


2) IBM writes a plugin for Thunderbird (and/or similar products like Evolution/Kmail etc) which makes the mail client also be able to use contacts/calendar/RnR.

Any of these alternatives will make Domino as a mail server a much more popular product and it will open new markets. Maybe in many cases move customers away from Outlook.
None of the alternatives would be that expensive for IBM, the trick is to extend Domino server with a new API so that you do not need Notes API-libraries to talk to Domino server (similar to what Lotus Traveler does), which is for example what Imap does (but just for mail). The client implementation is in alternative 1) maybe a big project but alternative 2) is not that big project.
Thunderbird project is without sponsor at this moment since Mozilla left it, now is an excellent moment for IBM to take over that project as a main sponsor.

If you do not agree, what is your reasons?

1) Mathieu Pape7680 (19 Jul 2012)
I demote because I do not completely agree with you.

Agree - because you broaden the user base with free tools whereas the Lotus Notes client is not freely available and thus is not available home (mind you that if I'm correct you may have a home install for each valid corporate license that you have. Can somebody confirm this?).

Don't agree - because you already have iNotes for instance which can handle this functionality without having a 'fat' client. I'd rather have the Lotus Notes client distributed freely, with better performance and a far more easy way to configure additional (private) POP3/IMAP accounts next to the Domino account than see a Thunderbird client connecting my Domino server (where is ending support for instance?)

IMHO you would achieve the same goal with the second solution while you would still have a consistent park of clients connecting to your Domino servers.
2) Anders …slund448 (20 Jul 2012)
@Mathieu Pape

Thanks for your feedback.

I have long seen iNotes as a saviour. But users which exclusively use this tool seems not to be the power users. Hopefully a future version of iNotes will have all the nice features of the fat client. But my suggestion is nothing that would impede that development.

I also would like better performance and everything from Notes client, and this is not something that would stop any improvements of the Notes client.

I wish to have an alternative product to:
1) Have something built in to Linux distributions which can directly connect to domino server with full features (like Evolution does with the Novell mail server)
2) Have a mail client to connect to Domino server that is community driven and where myself can contribute code and changes (and fix bugs)
3) If this server API is implemented then maybe even Apple can build in full mail/calendar/Contacts etc into their Mail application and that will definitely open new markets with lots of $$ for IBM (and us consultants). Do anybode have arguments against this one?
4) Admit it, some users really really hate Lotus Notes, it is not logic always (or ever?) but having the name IBM Mail or Thunderbird or similar might acutally be to an advantage here

If IBM could just provide the server API then the community itself might be able to produce the mail client. This step is what IBM has to do. We all know that since it is IBM we are dealing with this will probably not happen until big big customers demand it, but one may dream.
3) Mathieu Pape7680 (20 Jul 2012)
Hi Anders, I get your point and I'm not against the idea but let me play the devil's advocate ;-)

1) => IBM will answer you they have a full supported client for Ubuntu, Red Hat and Suse
=> personaly, something lighter and more flexible (in terms of other distros, installation easiness, ...) would be welcome

2) Good point, but what if you get your end users start using it? I assume you're an IT'er thus independent in terms of support needs. Will you need a BYOC policy ('Bring your own client') on the mid-term for regular users?

3) => IBM will answer you they have a full supported client for Mac
=> personaly, I have no view on this since I'm not an Apple user but I guess my opinion on 1) would also apply here

4) You are so right... unfortunately...

Writing this comment, I think you changed my mind. Why indeed not have an 'OpenNTF-like' community firing ideas into a separate client? Maybe this will trigger or accelerate changes into the regular Notes client just like the OpenNTF mail template gave ideas for the official one. Just for the sake of this last thought, you get my vote ;-)


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