How do we suggest ideas for you

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It's been about six weeks since we released version 1.5 of IdeaJam and one of the key new features we added was the Dashboard. On this page we show you the current status of your ideas and we also make some suggestions of ideas that you may be interested in reading and voting on.

A few people have asked how we build the suggested ideas list for you. Well basically we take your past activity on the site and extrapolate from that the areas that you are most interested in. To do this we take a combination of three different elements - the ideas you create, the comments you make and the votes you cast. Each of these actions is associated with an idea which has an IdeaSpace and also a set of tags, so we are able to build up a list of the tags and IdeaSpaces that are most frequently associated with actions that you take. You'll notice that when you hover over a suggested idea you can see why that idea has been suggested to you; either because it's a favourite tag or a favourite IdeaSpace.

The more that you use the system, the more accurate the suggestions will become. So if you're looking for a new way of seeing the ideas that your community are creating, then maybe this will help you.