Spring '09 Beta Released

Category Features

This morning, possibly not the best choice of day given that it's April 1st, we released the latest beta of IdeaJam to the public ideajam.net site.

There are three fairly visible changes that you may notice immediately. The new "quick" login, to save you having to go to the classic login screen, the new Home Page and we have also replaced the default statistics page with some new Flash charts.

There are also several changes that we've made behind the scenes. We have managed to reduce the number of scheduled agents that are required to keep IdeaJam running, which will save on some server performance. We've added better handling of Replication/Save Conflict documents and there is also now some simple integration with Twitter, so that if you are running a public facing IdeaJam you can notify your followers when a new idea has been posted.

So check out the site, and as always, let us know what you think. We listen to every piece of feedback and are always trying to improve the product in the ways that will be most useful to our customers.