Elguji Partnering with Think, Play, Do

Category IdeaJam Consulting

The time since Lotusphere has been incredibly busy, we had a great time and met some really interesting people and companies who are interested in running IdeaJam in their organizations.

One of the areas that some people have expressed an interest in is the process and strategy around Idea Management more broadly - beyond the capture element that IdeaJam typically supports. Well, over the last month or so we have been working with a UK based company called Think Play Do, who are innovation consultants. What we've found is that our product integrates beautifully with their Challenge-Based Innovation service, indeed, the combination of our offerings can bring huge value to our clients' innovation processes.

This week we have been working with Think Play Do at one of their client's sites, running a workshop that was aimed at jump-starting their Idea Management process. During the workshop, attended by twenty five of the key business and technical leaders from around the group, we launched a new IdeaJam site. We did this with what Think Play Do call a 'flash challenge' - generating a large number of ideas, votes and comments in a very short time. The workshop quickly got the the participants involved in the process and has maximised the client's chance that they'll get greater value from the wider roll out of our system. Indeed, they've reported they are confident that over the next weeks and months this will deliver:

- a shorter development cycle for new products and processes;
- an improved working environment and,
- a better bottom line in these tough economic times.

We're happy to be able to recommend Think Play Do if your company is interested in using IdeaJam to enhance its innovation process - especially if you need some assistance in launching it and managing its broader integration. In association with our software, the team of Elguji and Think Play Do can help you.