Making the most of the economic meltdown

Category Economy

Unless you've been living under a stone for the last few weeks then you'll know about the turmoil in the financial markets around the world.

What's interesting from an idea management and innovation point of view is what it means for our customers. Budgets get put on hold or even cut, so the focus on doing more with what you've got becomes even more important. We are seeing our customers and prospective customers wanting to increase their productivity and income by making use of the skills of their employees. That doesn't sound very revolutionary you may say, but if you think about your company, can you really say that everything is operating efficiently? If not then the next question is, how do we improve things? Well the people who are most likely to know the answer are the people who spend their time working "in the trenches".

Some companies that have bought and implemented IdeaJam have, within a matter of weeks, covered the outlay for the IdeaJam software itself and then gone on to start earning or saving even more money. In these unprecedented times, can you afford not to make use of our tools?