LinkJam Development Continues

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Well we're beavering away with the development of LinkJam. hopefully we'll be going into a beta state in the next few weeks. But I thought I'd update you with a few of the newer features that I've been putting in recently.

Suggested Tags. Like IdeaJam we are really pushing tags with LinkJam so that as you post more links you can begin to build up a really good resource database of similar sites. To help with this, when you create a new link, if a link already exists for that domain then you'll be give a list of suggested tags to apply to your new link. That way you can benefit from the work that you and your colleagues have already put in.

Private Links. You might also want to create links just for yourself so rather than having to maintain private links somewhere else, you can simply mark your new link as private. Then you and only you will be able to see it in the future.

Importing Links. Bruce has already mentioned our import tool. So far we are supporting the importing of bookmarks from, Dogear, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. If youd like to help us out we are trying to get as many links loaded up as possible, please feel free to send us your bookmarks file.

There'll be a lot more news over the next few weeks as we get towards opening up the site for beta testing.