New version of IdeaJam released

Category features

Well we spent a little time upgrading the public IdeaJam site to run on the full production version of our templates. It was a wonderfully pain free process, even though we were upgrading a fairly old, pre-release version of the application. But it's nice to have confirmed how simple the whole IdeaJam application is to look after.

So we've put together a short list of the changes. Most of the serious stuff is behind the scenes to make the databases easy to look after but there are a few key visible changes that we'll talk about over the next few weeks.

Release Notes
- New Notes application configuration including:
    - central "Control Panel"
    - configurable graphics, css, system text etc
- Integration with NCT Remember Me product
- Multi Lingual Support (configurable by administrators)
- Header "Quick Stats"
- Administration tools for maintaining ideas and votes
- New "In Progress" status
- Configurable RSS setup
- Support for IdeaSpace administrators
- Support for different Idea editing technologies (CoExEdit, FCKEditor, Plain text edior)
- Updated statistics page using open source charting engine
- Support for Domino servers from 6.5.x to 8.x
- Support for Directory Assistance in registration
- Configurable menu system
- All existing features can be enabled / disabled by the system administrator including:
    - Showing / Hiding who voted on what
    - What's Hot
    - Tags
    - Registration
    - User Profile

We'd like to thank all of the people who have helped us in out development and testing processes, and of course if you spot any issues or have any questions then please drop one of us a line.