Our Partners are Mobilizing!

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Our UK-based premier partners the London Developer Co-op have posted the first of a number of case studies, written to promote the breadth and capability of the applications they design and implement. In addition to the custom development they provide Elguji customers with, The LDC are now providing them with cutting-edge mobile app development.

First up is a brief overview of a recent mobile web application they developed, optimised for off-line use and built using jQuery Mobile:

A US-based medical supplies company wanted a mobile application in which its roaming staff could log field sales data. The application had to work on iOS (principally iPad, but iPhone too), and had to function whilst disconnected from the internet.

Data collection consisted of a structured field sales entry form, with an optional “follow-up” record to accompany the sales data at a later date. Users had to be able to enter data whilst disconnected, and they needed to be able to submit completed records to the corporate back-end when on-line once more (via a VPN).



Read more at the London Developer Co-op site (including screen-shots).