IdeaJam V1.9 Pre-Release 1 now available for download

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

We just posted on the Elguji download site IdeaJam V1.9 Pre-Release 1. New features in V1.9 include:
  • An IdeaJam can be switched into "read/view only mode" so that the audience can view ideas, votes and comments but are unable to create new content.
  • The JSON API now supports JSONP.
  • An IdeaJam can be set to automatically switch into "read/view mode" on a specified date.
  • When viewing an idea a new chart is available on an idea which shows recent activity against the idea including votes, comments and more.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating ideas while allowing the to vote and comment.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating comments.
  • A new sidebar widget which displays the list of IdeaSpaces (categories) and idea counts.
  • Participant reputation scores and badges (gold, silver and bronze).
  • A new "Moderator" role which allows moderation of all idea spaces without giving them "full admin" rights.
  • Tooltips for voting labels.
  • Month names are now displayed in the local language when viewing ideas and comments.
  • Support for multiple configurable static content pages has been added.
  • Individual charts on the Statistics page can be enabled or disabled.
  • ...and more
Customers can download IdeaJam V1.9 PR1 here. Want to learn more about IdeaJam? Start here >