Tip: Hiding the Developers Link in IdeaJam

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Recently a customer wanted to be able to hide the "Developers" link that appeared in the footer of every IdeaJam page. While most IdeaJam features can be turned on or off, there is not currently an option in the IdeaJam Control Panel for this. Enter the IdeaJam CSS document. Trust me, this is very easy to do.

Open your IdeaJam default.css stylesheet from the IdeaJam Notes user interface and located the following line:
.developersfooter {float: right; padding-right: 250px;}
Now modify this line to:
.developersfooter {display:none;}
You can even change this (if you would like) to:
span.developersfooter {display:none;}
Save the CSS document and open IdeaJam from a web browser. The Developers link in the footer will no longer be visible.