So you're not going to be installing Lotus Connections in your company...

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There is no doubt that IBM's Lotus Connections is a powerful and elegant social software platform. It takes new hardware, careful planning, training, learning new software, oh yeah - and some money to make a Connections implementation successful. For those of you who won't be going down the Connections road anytime soon you have other options when it comes to reaping the benefits of "social bookmarking". Social bookmarking is one of the core pillars of Connections.

What if I told you that you can have social bookmarking up and running in your existing IBM Notes and Domino environment today. Installed, configured and ready to use all within 30 minutes. Interested? Read on.

Meet LinkJam

LinkJam is a Notes/Domino template that you can simply install from using the File > Application > New > LinkJam menu command. Once installed you will have a social bookmarking app installed on your Domino intranet and all you will need to do is to then fill in a few fields in the LinkJam Control Panel.

LinkJam comes with a browser bookmarklet that you can add to your browser to quickly bookmark and site quickly and easily. You can even upload your browsers bookmarks.

So if you want to:
  • Logically organize, group and find web sites
  • Provide access to collective intelligence
  • Identify people interested in and possibly working on similar projects
  • Create a web of trusted bookmarks behind the company firewall
  • Allow new ways of organizing information and categorizing web resources
  • Use social bookmarking to allow like-minded individuals to find one another and create new communities of users
  • Tag information resources with keywords that can change how users store and find business specific information on the Internet and intranet
  • Allow new employees to have access to bookmarks needed to do their jobs
We also offer LinkJam with our Premier and Advanced versions of IdeaJam and IQJam.

Learn more about LinkJam >.