A new look for the IdeaJam.net landing page

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In IdeaJam V1.7 we introduced the "Welcome Page" feature (IdeaJam Welcome Page Technote PDF) which allows you to create an alternative landing page when people access an IdeaJam. Combining the IdeaJam JSON API that was introduced in IdeaJam V1.8, the Welcome Page, some HTML, CSS and JavaScript and you have all of the ingredients to create an exceptional IdeaJam Welcome Page.

Earlier today we created a new Welcome Page for the IdeaJam.net site:


The new Welcome Page shows recent ideas, recent comments, which ideas are hot and some statistics. In fact, we also moved some ot the sidebar content to the top of the Welcome Page. How did we do this without opening up Domino Designer you are asking? Well we simply went into the IdeaJam Control Panel (via the Notes client) and pasted in some HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You may also have noticed that we also placed a list of the IdeaSpaces in the right hand sidebar for easy access.

Check out the new IdeaJam Welcome Page.