Introducing PAVONE: An Elguji Software partner located in Germany

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Founded in 1994, the core competence of PAVONE lies in providing rock-solid workflow solutions across line-of-business processes. PAVONE elevates human workflow to a new level by offering a tight integration with Project Management, CRM, and Document Management applications. For over 16 years, PAVONE has satisfied customers with a palette of collaborative solutions. The PAVONE consulting teams are dedicated to customized business process optimization and system integration using the latest technologies.

In the tradition of German engineering, PAVONE continuously updates and fine-tunes its products and solutions with the latest technologies. The PAVONE consulting services brings project experience that spans decades of technology innovation.

PAVONE performs reliable work and provides professional support to customers in all project phases. Customers have benefited from PAVONE's services in over 2500 projects with 315,000 installations.

Based in Paderborn, Germany, PAVONE has branch offices in England and the United States. PAVONE employs over 40 people at its offices in Paderborn and Boeblingen as well as at home offices throughout Germany.

PAVONE an authorized Elguji Software Partner can assist you with evaluating and learning more about Elguji's products including IdeaJam, LinkJam and IQJam.

Contact PAVONE's Ingo Erdmann for more information.