Now Available: "The Social Software Platform You Already Own" Position Paper

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Large enterprises are quickly learning to be more "social."  Just about every organization has a Facebook page and a Twitter account (if not multiples of each).  Now many of them are looking to take their social media initiatives to that proverbial, "next level."

They want to be able to have a much more intimate relationship with their customers, potential customers as well as their own employees.  For example, getting their input on a new product or service; seeking ideas for ways to improve an existing product or service; etc.  Internally, senior management may look to promote a more open work environment and foster honest discussions about company initiatives. 

Just the thought of such an undertaking evokes thoughts of an army of silicon valley "social media consultants," countless hours of work and of course a consulting bill to rival the national debt.

The solution for many companies, especially those with an investment in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino could be quite easy, painless, and cost about as much as a few executive briefing from some of the major consulting houses.

Elguji Software has just published a brief paper entitled, "The Social Software Platform Your Already Own." 

In it, Elguji President and CEO Bruce Elgort outlines how a company's existing IBM Lotus Notes and Domino groupware collaboration platform can be easily transformed into a social media ecosystem that tightly integrate your customer's ideas with your company's infrastructure.

"The Social Software Platform You Already Own" paper can be downloaded at no charge here.

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