The Problem – Create a WOW experience for Kelly’s customers and candidates

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We have just posted a new IdeaJam Case Study about Kelly Services use of IdeaJam:

There are thousands of unique staffing firms in the U.S. Differentiating yourself can be a daunting task. As a global workforce solutions company with over 8,000 full time employees and 700,000 contract employees, Kelly needed a global platform to generate ideas on improving the “experience” of their key stakeholders: customers, candidates, and workforce suppliers.


Kelly invested in an on-line ideas & innovation management technology and benchmarked other companies on best practices in managing collaboration. Executive sponsors were enlisted to review and prioritize ideas in five key areas: customer experience; candidate experience; supplier experience; employee experience and cost savings. Named “IdeaHub”, the platform was launched on the company’s global intranet in December 2008. Kelly executives also inserted their own ideas to generate conversation and drive adoption. A team of moderators monitored and escalated ideas that generated over 100 votes and kept the company apprised of ideas that were being implemented. Executive messages also frequently included a link to IdeaHub so that the employees could immediately react by posting their ideas.

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