Introducing IQJam 1.1 (Spring '10)

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In a few weeks Elguji will be launching a new version of it's question and answer social software IQJam. In this release customers will have some really cool new features that they have been asking us for. They are:
  • - Attachments can now be added to answers
  • - Added IBM Lotus Connections Business Card integration for views, questions and answers
  • - Added a new Web Service - "securityservice" which will return the security key for a user when you pass in their username and password
  • - We now support language localization at the user level
  • - Every piece of static text in IQJam can be changed from the language localization administration screen
  • - Added new button to mark an unanswered question as closed (i.e. not relevant any more)
We also fixed the following bugs:
  • - Fixed layout of email body sent when a new answer is added
  • - Fixed display of "Experts" when changing the view filter on an IQSubSpace
  • - Changed name of questions web service to "questionsservice" due to naming conflict with a view
  • - Added extra error handling to JSON API search agent
We are very proud of IQJam and are extremely pleased with it's success in the markeplace as the only full-featured question and answer social software for the IBM Lotus social software market.