Elguji Speaks

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Elguji's Matt White and Bruce Elgort will be speaking at the upcoming IBM Lotusphere 2010 event being held in Orlando, Florida January 17-21, 2010. Here is what they will be speaking about:

SHOW112 (Show and Tell) - How to Build an XPages Application From Start to Finish

Join IBM's Tim Clark and Elguji Software's Matt White as they take you step by step and click by click through building an XPages application. Learn the basics and then grow the complexity as you expand the application, including XPages, Custom Controls, server-side Javascript, single UI methodology, using existing Lotus Notes data and adding unlisted DOJO objects. Watch the application being built live on stage, with everything you need to know condensed into two hours.

BP205 (Best Practices) - "I'm a Programmer Not a Firefighter!": The Low Maintenance "Notes Shop"

Imagine having nearly 200 applications that you must keep afloat, yet spending less than 10% of your time on maintenance? Without these best practices, every application you build will steal away little bits of your time, until you reach the point that you are doing nothing more than maintenance. Epic Aviatons Tim Paque and Elguji Software's Bruce Elgort have learned many tricks over the years that will show you how to let your applications "leave the nest" and live without you, and help you turn off your pager and get your life back!

We hope to see you at our sessions.