How to drive revenue with an open source product in your portfolio

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Part of Elguji's company strategy to help people developers learn more about IBM Lotus XPages development and to create brand awareness for Elguji included developing an open source application called TaskJam. With the thousands of TaskJam downloads have come inquiry after inquiry about other products - most of them leading to sales of IdeaJam, LinkJam and IQJam. How do we know this? Well people tell us! Additionally, we have acquired a cadre of XPages development work and consulting services as well.

While Elguji is not the first company in the Lotus ISV/BP world to offer open source or free software to help drive sales of commercial software, we certainly can attest to it's success as a tool to help drive sales of our other products and services. We encourage other Lotus ISV's to follow suite as you can almost be guaranteed that it will help you drive sales and increase brand recognition.

Some of you may be asking when TaskJam will make into the OpenNTF GPL Catalog and we can answer with "we are working hard on making that happen".