Announcing IQJam Beta and IdeaJam Fall '09

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Elguji Software is happy to announce that their forthcoming IQJam question and answer community social networking software is now available for beta testing at IQJam has been specifically built for IBM's forthcoming Domino 8.5.1. Customer demand for an enterprise based question and answer system is the primary driver for Elguji developing the product.

Users can login to IQJam using their username and password. An IdeaSpace for IQJam has been setup on the site for beta testers to enter their ideas on how to improve IQJam. Additionally, testers are encouraged to use the Feedback link at the bottom of every page to notify Elguji of any problems or errors they run into.

IQSpaces and Sub IQSpaces for Lotus Sametime, Lotus Connections, Lotus Symphony, Lotus Quickr, OpenNTF, Domino Development, Lotusphere, Domino Administration, IdeaJam, IQJam, LinkJam and TaskJam have are available.

The JSON and Web Services API is also available for testing. To learn more about the IQJam API visit the Developers link on We'll be releasing more documentation about the APIs over the coming days and weeks, but if you have any questions, please just drop us a line using the Feedback form.

All of the administration and configuration for IQJam is browser or Lotus Notes Client based which allows the administrator to choose how they want to run the site.

Here are some screenshots of IQJam:

To learn more about IQJam please visit

Disclaimer: IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 is prerelease code and there are no guarantees from IBM that the functionality presented will be in the final shipping product.

IdeaJam Fall '09 to be Released

IdeaJam Fall '09 will be available for customers on software maintenance starting on September 26th. This release includes the ability to "Follow or Unfollow" IdeaSpaces (email alerts), the Top Innovators leaderboard, integration of the Dashboard with a users Profile, the ability to navigate back into a view where you left off and much more.
The full list of new features:

- IdeaJam XPages version upgraded to run on Domino 8.5.1 only
- Custom HTML Header in Control Panel
- @CommentBody@ can be used to insert the comment body for new comment notifications that get sent out by the IdeaJam
- Improved navigation on Advanced Search, Favorite Ideas and What's Hot Screens
- A tooltip now appears when hovering over the Favorite stars.
- It is now possible to configure 5 extra custom fields on the user profile. User Profile and Dashboard have been merged
- New Top Innovators function from the header menu.
- Improved navigation so that the last view position you were in is remembered when clicking the "Back to All Ideas" button
- Idea Counts Added to the IdeaSpace navigation combo box
- A new "Follow IdeaSpace" function is now available
- The IdeaSpace can now be selected for the Lotus Connections iWidget

We're also continuing our aim to deliver high quality software and so several bugs and inconsistencies reported by customers have been addressed:

- Fixed language variables bug when withdrawing votes.
- Fixed language variables bug when viewing a person's ideas on their profile.
- Removed quick login box from Registration page to avoid confusion
- Fixed security of reg_userlookup agent to allow registrations in a secure IdeaJam database
- Fixed a bug where the creator of an idea wasn't notified of new comments on their idea in certain circumstances
- Fixed a bug with high number ASCII characters in IdeaSpace names in the Statistics Flash charts
- Removed Archived comments from live views
- Fixed display of Archived Questions in the Dashboard views
- Fixed a potential XSS vector on the Search Results screen
- Fixed an error in Safari where Ideas could be submitted without passing validation
- Fixed a problem where a URL edited with the Plain Text Idea form broke the link
- Unvoted will now only show Open and In Progress Ideas
- Fixed a bug where Withdrawn, Rejected and Completed Ideas were not being archived
- Fixed a bug with Quick Login in IE6 when logging in from inside an Idea

You can see IdeaJam Fall '09 in action at