Introducing IQJam

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An Innovative Collaborative Question and Answer Community for the Enterprise

Let's face it, we all know that someone somewhere out there has the answer to a question or a problem that you have. The hard part is finding that someone. CEOs will always tell you that an organization's greatest asset is the cumulative knowledge of its employees.

IQJam helps you locate and harness the power of that knowledge with exceptional ease.

Introducing IQJam!

IQJam is the perfect solution for organizations looking to capitalize on the knowledge of their employees. The concept is amazingly simple - people ask questions and other people answer them.

Questions and their answers can be voted up or down. Voting allows the IQJam community to identify questions that they would like to see answered. Voting on answers helps identify the correct answer as well as eliminate ones that may be incorrect. Once the correct answer has been entered, it is marked by the user as being "answered".

Use IQJam To...

Help departments develop and manage communities of practice. Improve help and support/service desk operations. Allow customers and/or partners to ask questions and receive answers about products and/or services. Eliminate the need for discussion databases. Develop self sustaining FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Build a knowledge base for your company or community.

Locating Knowledge With Exceptional Ease

Questions and answers can be found in several ways:

- Selecting an IQSpace and sub-category

- Selecting one of the following views:
-- Recent Questions
-- Answered Questions
-- Unanswered Questions
-- Questions and Answers by Votes
-- "Hot Questions"

- Tags

- Full Text Search

Identify the Experts

IQJam allows people to identify who the subject-matter experts are within an organization. It accomplishes this by keeping track of answered questions and associating them with IQSpaces and Tags.


IQJam by Elguji Software, LLC     IQJam by Elguji Software, LLC

IQJam Features

Questions - Easily ask a question using a simple form.
Answers - Quickly and easily answer questions.
IQSpaces - Questions are grouped together using "IQSpaces". Each IQSpace can have one or more sub-categories.
Tags - Each question has one or more "tags" which helps you locate information.
Duplicate Question Checker - Questions entered will be checked to see if there is already a duplicate question in IQJam.
User Profiles - Each person has a profile with information about them and includes links to the questions they have asked and answers they have posted.
Leaderboard - An easy way to see the ranking of top IQJam members by the number of questions they submitted and the number of questions that they answered.
News Feeds - Subscribe to RSS feeds to monitor when new questions are asked and when answers are given.
Search - The search facility makes it easy to find information stored in IQJam.
Customizable - Companies can make their IQJam match their corporate branding by using the IQJam Control Panel.
Installation - Typically installation and configuration takes less than 15 minutes.

IQJam was developed by Elguji Software, the same people who created the award winning IdeaJam software.

The IBM Lotus Commuity IQJam

We are also happy to announce that there will be an IBM Lotus Community IQJam for all things Lotus at You will be able to use your username and password. Stay tuned for details.

System Requirements

Server - IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1
Administrative Client - IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1 or web browser
Web Browsers - Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Mozilla Firefox 2 and 3, Apple Safari 3 and 4 and Google Chrome