New IdeaJam "Home Page" coming soon in Spring '09

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Back on February 25, 2009 Roland posted an idea on where he suggested the following:

I fully admit that when I go to IdeaJam, sure I'll vote on some ideas and make comments, but what I am really interested in is what is happening with MY ideas. I want to know what new comments were posted on my ideas and which of my ideas are hot or not so hot since since last time I logged in. Bruce and company most likey have their own private admin views for this. Right? This will save us the time of having to click on all our ideas to see if any of the comments are new. Then we can spend less time being self-centered and more time being altruistic and contribute to the community.

Well, in response to Roland's idea and for those of you who voted for it here is what we have created:

IdeaJam V1.5 Spring '09
The top section will list your ideas, the number of votes, comments and the last activity date. If you hover over the title of an idea you will see a pop-up box which contains the last person who either voted or commented on your idea. The "Suggested Ideas" section will show you ideas that you may be interested in. We have developed an algorithm that suggests ideas based on your voting, commenting and tagging habbits.

Spring '09 (V1.5) will be IdeaJam's fourth upgrade since it's launch in March 2008. All customers on software maintenance will be entitled to Spring '09.

We will be pushing this build to the sometime in the next few days.