Contest Winners

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Elguji Software is happy to announce the winners of the "If you thought Elguji was a _____, think again" contest. Let us tell you it was very tough selecting the three winners out of 82 entries. Some of us didn't talk to each other for days as we squabbled over the entries. Well here they are:

First Place (Apple 8gb iPod Touch) - Haleigh Blatnick

"If you thought Elguji was a Japanese search engine, think again"

Second Place (Apple 8gb iPod Nano) - David Taylor

"If you thought Elguji was just a word used to test your spell checker - think again"

Third Place (Apple iTunes $50 gift card) - Pawel Podgorski

"If you thought Elguji was all about the "old way" of thinking, think again"

Congratulations Haleigh, David and Pawel.