IdeaJam and IdeaJam Express Fall '08 are now available

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Earlier today the Elguji development team released the Fall '08 versions of IdeaJam and IdeaJam Express. Fall '08 includes the following new features:
  • iPhone and iPod Touch support
  • Multi-word tags
  • Added ability to sort and filter ideas on a user's profile
  • LinkJam integration
  • Added "Favorite Ideas" function
  • Added new administration view for user profiles to allow easy deletion of user profile documents
  • Users can now choose which language labels should be displayed. The default is still controlled from the Control Panel, but now users have the ability to choose from other languages you may choose to offer by editing their Profile.
  • Added choice for users to receive emails when a comment is added to an idea that they have commented on
  • Added new RSS feed for favorite ideas, which monitors the favorite ideas and any comments added to them
  • Added support for up to five attachments on an idea including non image based files (.doc, .pdf etc.)
  • Added "Internal Description" field to Idea form in the Notes client
  • Added "Copy as Document Link" action to the Idea and Comment forms
  • Changed Control Panel save process to allow non database Managers to update the ACL Roles for IdeaSpaces
The upgrade from the IdeaJam Summer '08 takes about 5 minutes and is available to all IdeaJam and IdeaJam Express customers.