Introducing IdeaJam V1.2

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On Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 V1.2 of IdeaJam will be available for download to all customers with maintenance and support agreements. An updated "Installation, Setup and Customization Guide" will also be available.

New Features

Added configuration to control the number of items in What's Hot on the sidebar

Added configuration to control Statistics, Tags, Unvoted and My Profile in the header menu

Added LinkJam integration

Improved uniqueness of statistics chart names for customers running multiple instances of IdeaJam

Added configuration to control where temporary files for statistics get saved (requires edit and save of control panel document)

Added validation to force Description to be added to a new idea

Added Change Password button to user profile

Added filtering of unvoted ideas by IdeaSpace

Bug Fixes

Fixed movement of votes when clicking the show votes link (requires updated Language document)

Fixed a potential bug that can occur when generating charts for a new IdeaJam site

Fixed missing RSS icons in Completed, Rejected, Withdrawn views

Fixed broken screenshot images in By IdeaSpace views

Improved view heading consistency across the application

Fixed suggested similar ideas for plain text version of idea form