IdeaJam V1.1.2

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V1.1.2 hits the streets one week from today.

New Features
  • Allowed the configuration of where the user gets sent after logging out of an IdeaJam site
  • Added the DenyNotesAccess feature to the IdeaJam Votes Database
  • Changed the In Progress, Complete and Rejected statuses of Ideas to only be available to Administrators
  • Added full CoexEdit support for the Notes client interface
  • Added Change Email Feature (Requires LANG_GEN_CHANGE_EMAIL_ADDRESS be added to the language file)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a potential problem where Internet Explorer didn't refresh the Unvoted page after voting on an idea
  • Fixed a potential problem where blank lines would be returned in the similar idea check when creating a new idea
  • Fixed a bug with @ in tags when viewing tags by IdeaSpace
  • Fixed a bug in CSS when viewing tags by IdeaSpace
  • Changed Idea Form to prevent voting when Status is Complete, Withdrawn or Rejected
  • Changed inactive views (Complete, Withdrawn and Rejected) to prevent voting
  • Added code to keep the title of an idea in sync with its comments if the title changes
  • Added code to check that the user is logged in before submitting a comment