blog: Have ideas for Lotus Connections?

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Check out Suzanne Minassian's post on the blog about Idea Jam:

If you haven't seen IdeaJam, you should definitely check it out. IdeaJam is an application which lets you enter in new ideas for Lotus products, vote on them, and comment on them. There is a category dedicated to Lotus Connections, which means if you have ideas for Connections, here is where to put them. Other people can vote you up (or down!) in points, and you may even generate some interesting discussion or debate on a feature! What's even most helpful to us on the product team is that we can view the most highly rated features and use that to help us set priorities on what we're building.So, I've added the Connections category to my feedreader, and I'm going to be checking in to see what you want (or don't want!) from Connections. Help us by telling us your ideas!

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