IBM's Rational Software Division Chooses Elguji for their "Jazz Plan Jam"

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IBM's Rational Software division in cooperation with IBM's developerWorks has selected Elguji's IdeaJam Cloud for their "Jazz Plan Jam". The Plan Jam (https://jazz.ideajam.net) will commence on May 30th, and run through June 6th. Pre-registration is now open.

From the Jazz.net Blog:

Well then, I’m happy to announce our first ever Jazz Plan Jam, which begins on May 30. Together with our developerWorks colleagues, we’re trying something new as part of the planning for our next revision of our Jazz products.

Normally we triage new requests, participate in conversations in work items, read the forums, interact with many of you in one-on-one conversations and through our client programs. Then, at the start of our planning cycle, we agree on the most important items that will make their way into our products.

This year we’re supplementing the normal stuff by inviting you to an open, on-line Jam session.  During the Jam, you can propose new ideas for improving our products and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the ideas of others. Our hope is to learn not only what is most important to you, but also to spark your creative juices. We can’t promise to implement all of the ideas, but the Jam results will influence how we prioritize what we do next.

IBM worked with Elguji to custom tailor the Plan Jam to meet their specific requirements as well as providing them with guidance and best practices for conducting "Idea Jams".

Elguji has powered cloud based jams for Winn-Dixie, The USDA, The Department of Interior, Austin Independent School District, The Australian Goverment and many more.

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