Tip: You don't have to include yourself (or others) if you don't want too

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Sometimes there are IdeaJam participants who don't want to be or shouldn't be included in the list of "Top Innovators". Let's look at how to do this.
  • Open up "User Profiles" view in IdeaJam
  • Select the jammer that you want to exclude from Top Innovators in the selection bar
  • Click the "Exclude from Top Innovators" button
  • To re-include jammers who have been excluded click the "Include in Top Innovators" button


So who are the Lotus communities top IdeaJam innovators?

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software
In IdeaJam V1.6 we introduced the "Top Innovators" feature. Each person contributing to an IdeaJam receives a score based on the number of ideas, comments, votes they cast and others who cast votes for their ideas. Each of these can be assigned a weight by the IdeaJam administrator. Additionally a Top Innovators calculation start date can be set in the IdeaJam Control Panel.

Top Innovators has been an extremely popular feature with Elguji's customers. In the forthcoming release of IdeaJam (V1.9) we have expanded this feature to have three bands of scores - Gold, Silver and Bronze. The band thresholds are configured in the IdeaJam Control Panel. The band colors can also be modifying easily in the IdeaJam Cascading Style Sheet.

You will see a persons Top Innovator score next to their name. Here are some screen shots:




Congratulations to Peter Presnell, Patrick Kwinten, Craig Wiseman, David Hablewitz, Vlad Sh, Cindy Kou, Michael Tassati and Mark Demicoli on achieving gold level Top Innovator scores.

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