Sometimes you simply need to "un-cloud"

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

One thing we are seeing more and more of are customers who run their initial IdeaJam(s) in the cloud are deciding at some point to bring them in-house. Fortunately, this is very easy to do with IdeaJam. Our partners and professional services group can move cloud based IdeaJams running in our cloud based JamPot environment into a customers IT environment with ease. All this can be done with minimal disruption in service for customers.

The inherent capabilities of the software technology that IdeaJam was built with give organizations a choice to "un-cloud" their IdeaJam(s) at any time.


Introducing JamPot - Run IdeaJam in the Cloud

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Many of the world's leading innovation management consultancies and global companies have been using IdeaJam as their ideation platform with their customers in the cloud using our "JamPot" IdeaJam manager. We are happy to announce that JamPot is now avaialable for companies and organizations wanting to run IdeaJam(s) on a month-to-month basis as a cloud service.

JamPot - Elguji Software

JamPot - Elguji Software

JamPot allows complete control over creating and maintaining IdeaJams including user management and configuration. Pricing for JamPot starts at $899 (US)/month for up to 200 users, $1,199 (US)/month for 201-500 users, $1,499 (US)/month for 501-1000 users. For IdeaJams with more than 1,000 particpants discounted pricing is available.

If you are interested in running an IdeaJam, whether it be for one month or an extended period of time, we would love to give you a tour.

The Elguji website will soon be updated with more information on all of the great benefits running an IdeaJam with JamPot offers.