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Hi this is Gayle from Elguji. We are a four-year old, bootstrapped and very profitable little company. In order to help companies get on the social business software bandwagon, we make three products called IdeaJam, IQJam and LinkJam. We sell them for IBM Notes/Domino environments, as a cloud service and as a set of standalone applicatons. We are looking for some freelance developers who can help with these products as well as some new things that we have in the pipeline. We also have customers who are wanting customizations and wanting them fast.

All freelance developers will work under the leadership of Elguji Lead Developer/Architect Matt White.

So here is what we are specifically looking for:
  • XPages developers who know what most of these things mean - SSJS, Custom Controls, JSON, Dojo, XPages Extension Library, MooTools, CSJS, CSS3, Open Social, Activity Streams
  • IBM Connections developers familiar with Open Social and Activity Streams
  • Mobile application developers who have experience with jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Android, iOS, Appcelerator, XPages Extension Library, Sencha Touch
  • Lotus Notes client app developers
IMPORTANT: If you've read so far and are thinking: this isn't for me, please think for a moment about someone else you know who'd be perfect for these jobs and pass them this link! Even if you're not totally sure, we'd be super-grateful if you could send out an email or two, or even a Tweet!

About Elguji

Elguji Software is not a big, anonymous corporate entity. We are a small team of dedicated and talented individuals united by the common passion of creating great software and providing our customers with first class customer support.

Send your resume/CV and cover letter to cooljobs@elguji.com and good luck!