Pursuing innovation through open dialogue with customers using virtual collaboration: A new IBM IdeaJam case study

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

IBM recently published a customer case study about GSX's use of Elguji's IdeaJam. Antoine Leboyer, CEO, GSX said “We never set a goal to be ‘social.’ We just focused on what was key to ensuring our success, which I believed was improved collaboration with customers.”

Here's what's in the case study:

The need:

GSX, which provides monitoring and management solutions for collaboration platforms, is in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Like most companies, core internal players had always provided the vision for GSX’s new product development. Given competitive pressures and customer needs, however, GSX sought a way to more rapidly and effectively iterate products based on customer input.

The solution

GSX turned to a platform called IdeaJam, which was developed by Elugi using IBM Lotus® Domino® software. The platform provided an easy way for GSX to open up an ongoing dialogue with key customers about new product features and capabilities that are needed to address key business challenges. IdeaJam also integrates with IBM Connections software, so users can create custom portal pages, share profile information and more.

The benefits:

  • Enabled GSX to more rapidly develop new products and services that customers need, helping drive growth and profitability
  • Started dialogues between GSX and customers, as well as among GSX customers about common challenges, helping increase customer satisfaction
  • Resulted in a better ongoing alignment of product features and capabilities with customer needs, helping improve competitive advantage

Download the GSX IdeaJam case study and other IdeaJam case studies.