Announcing the immediate availability of IdeaJam V1.9

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

Right on the heels of our IQJam V1.2 release we just released IdeaJam V1.9 to all customers on support and maintenance. New features in this version include:
  • An IdeaJam can be switched into "read/view only mode" so that the audience can view ideas, votes and comments but are unable to create new content.
  • Spanish language support.
  • An IdeaJam can be set to automatically switch into "read/view mode" on a specified date.
  • The JSON API now supports JSONP which allows you to call the API from a different domain.
  • When viewing an idea a new chart is available on an idea which shows recent activity against the idea including votes and comments.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating ideas while allowing the to vote and comment.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating comments.
  • A new "Moderator" role which allows moderation of all idea spaces without giving them "full admin" rights.
  • A new sidebar widget which displays the list of IdeaSpaces (categories) and their associated idea counts.
  • XPages version upgraded to work with Domino 8.5.2+.
  • Participant reputation scores and badges (gold, silver and bronze).
  • Tooltips for voting labels.
  • Month names are now displayed in the local language when viewing ideas and comments.
  • Support for multiple configurable static content pages has been added.
  • Individual charts on the Statistics page can be enabled or disabled.
  • The getTopInnovators API services provide the new Top Innovators banding in the response.
  • ...and more
IdeaJam V1.9 release notes >

Customers can download IdeaJam V1.9 here >

Want to learn more about IdeaJam? Start here >


Shipped: IQJam V1.2

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A new version of our IQJam knowledge exchange software built with IBM XPages technology was just released and has the following new key features:
  • Questions can now be answered by email and can include file attachment(s).
  • The search facility now allows searches to be restricted to an IQSpace.
  • It is now possible to follow tags for email notifications as well as for IQSpaces and for questions.
  • There is now an “Import” facility that allows for the importation of questions and answers from other systems.
  • All emails sent from IQJam now use HTML formatting for layout.
Take a peek at the IBM Community IQJam site and see IQJam in action.

Read the IQJam V1.2 Release Notes >

Customers can download IQJam V1.2 from the Elguji download site.


Stop the jam now! (or when you want to)

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

In our forthcoming IdeaJam 1.9 you will be able to place your jam into "read mode" in one of two ways. The first is by setting the "Enable Read Mode" option in the IdeaJam Control Panel:


The second option is to tell IdeaJam on which date to enable "read mode".


Read mode will prevent jammers from posting new ideas, comments and votes.


Elguji's Innovation Continues - Introducing a Brand New Version of IdeaJam

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Today we are announcing the availability of our latest release of our IdeaJam idea management software. Version 1.8 introduces new features that will benefit companies in many ways. Here is a quick run down of what’s new and improved:

Idea Linking

IdeaJam now supports the linking of “multiple” ideas together and also allows ideas from other IdeaSpaces to be linked to one another. Previously you could only link a single idea to another idea.

The IdeaJam API

A set of 14 web services and JSON API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow developers to easily interact and extend IdeaJam programmatically. More information on the IdeaJam API coming in another blog post.

Lotus Connections Business Card Integration

IdeaJam now provides Lotus Business Card integration which allows users to click on a persons name to see their Lotus Connections business card. This feature can be turned on or off by the IdeaJam Administrator.

Comment Moderation

IdeaJam participants can now modify comments that they have entered in IdeaJam. Comments can be modified within fifteen minutes after they have been entered.
  • IdeaSpace and IdeaJam Administrators can now moderate comments by either deleting or modifying them.
  • The name of the person and date the comment was deleted is displayed where the comment was removed.
  • When a comment has been modified the word “Modified” is added to the comment.
Other New Features
  • New Top Innovators iWidget for Lotus Connections.
  • New “Suggested Tags” feature makes it easy for participants to tag ideas.
  • The “What’s Hot” list of ideas can now be selectively displayed in the side bar.
  • Tag selection has been improved by using a drop down list of tags for a participant to select from.
IdeaJam V1.8 is available immediately for download to all Elguji IdeaJam customers on software maintenance and can download IdeaJam here.

What People are Doing with IdeaJam:
  • Collecting ideas from employees on cutting costs.
  • Soliciting feedback and suggestions from employees, partners and customers.
  • Running innovation contests and competitions.
  • Validating concepts.
  • Using the power of "crowd-sourcing" to rank ideas and allow the best ideas to rise to the top.
  • And much more.
Download the IdeaJam V1.8 New and Notable Features PDF.


Spring '09 Beta Released

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This morning, possibly not the best choice of day given that it's April 1st, we released the latest beta of IdeaJam to the public ideajam.net site.

There are three fairly visible changes that you may notice immediately. The new "quick" login, to save you having to go to the classic login screen, the new Home Page and we have also replaced the default statistics page with some new Flash charts.

There are also several changes that we've made behind the scenes. We have managed to reduce the number of scheduled agents that are required to keep IdeaJam running, which will save on some server performance. We've added better handling of Replication/Save Conflict documents and there is also now some simple integration with Twitter, so that if you are running a public facing IdeaJam you can notify your followers when a new idea has been posted.

So check out the site, and as always, let us know what you think. We listen to every piece of feedback and are always trying to improve the product in the ways that will be most useful to our customers.


New version of IdeaJam released

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Well we spent a little time upgrading the public IdeaJam site to run on the full production version of our templates. It was a wonderfully pain free process, even though we were upgrading a fairly old, pre-release version of the application. But it's nice to have confirmed how simple the whole IdeaJam application is to look after.

So we've put together a short list of the changes. Most of the serious stuff is behind the scenes to make the databases easy to look after but there are a few key visible changes that we'll talk about over the next few weeks.

Release Notes
- New Notes application configuration including:
    - central "Control Panel"
    - configurable graphics, css, system text etc
- Integration with NCT Remember Me product
- Multi Lingual Support (configurable by administrators)
- Header "Quick Stats"
- Administration tools for maintaining ideas and votes
- New "In Progress" status
- Configurable RSS setup
- Support for IdeaSpace administrators
- Support for different Idea editing technologies (CoExEdit, FCKEditor, Plain text edior)
- Updated statistics page using open source charting engine
- Support for Domino servers from 6.5.x to 8.x
- Support for Directory Assistance in registration
- Configurable menu system
- All existing features can be enabled / disabled by the system administrator including:
    - Showing / Hiding who voted on what
    - What's Hot
    - Tags
    - Registration
    - User Profile

We'd like to thank all of the people who have helped us in out development and testing processes, and of course if you spot any issues or have any questions then please drop one of us a line.



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Matt made some changes today to Idea Jam that will help you quickly check to see if a similar idea has already been posted. After you enter the Idea Title and tab to the next field, a search will be performed that will show you a list of similar ideas that have already been submitted. We hope this helps cut down on the number of duplicate ideas.