Tip: You don't have to include yourself (or others) if you don't want too

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

Sometimes there are IdeaJam participants who don't want to be or shouldn't be included in the list of "Top Innovators". Let's look at how to do this.
  • Open up "User Profiles" view in IdeaJam
  • Select the jammer that you want to exclude from Top Innovators in the selection bar
  • Click the "Exclude from Top Innovators" button
  • To re-include jammers who have been excluded click the "Include in Top Innovators" button


Keep in touch

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software


"Following" the IdeaSpace will send a periodic email digest with all of the newly created ideas. If you decide that you don't want to implement this feature in your IdeaJam(s) you can use the IdeaJam Control Panel to turn the feature on/off. You can also follow tags, individual ideas, comments and more. Oh, there's also the JSON and Web Services API to help you roll your own add-ons and extensions.