Why the API Matters

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We are hearing from more and more of our customers who are sharing their IQJam use cases and success stories with us. Frankly they aren't what we expected. Most of them of late have to do with how they are using the API to surface IQJam in Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Lotus Connections, Websphere Portal, Customer Service websites, IBM XPages apps as well as many others. It's all about making the data easy to access using our API's. With a few simple lines of JavaScript any web developer can consume and re-purpose data from IQJam. Oh and did I mention that IdeaJam our idea management software also has an API ?

Let's take a look at the IQJam Web Services and JSON(P) API methods:
  • addQuestion
  • addAnswer
  • findQuestionById
  • searchQuestions
  • getRecentQuestions
  • getRecentAnswers (new in IQJam V1.1)
  • getRecentQuestionsByTag
  • getRecentQuestionsByAuthor
  • getUserProfile
  • getIQSpaces
  • getExperts (new in IQJam V1.1)
These methods have several parameters that you can supply such as an IQSpace, an IQSPace and IQSubSpace a tag among others. My personal favorite is the "getExperts" method which provides a list of the IQJam participants who are answering questions correctly for a given IQSpace/IQSubSpace. Another one of my favorites that is being used by a customer is to supply help in the Microsoft Office sidebar for their custom Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps and templates.

Clearly providing API's for customers in our products matters. How are you using our API's? Would you be more willing to purchase a product from a vendor if it included an API?